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What you should know about Lithuanian Christmas traditions
Blog created at December 30, 2020
Blog created by VilniusFreeTour

Christmas is here again! This year is very different though. Thanks to global pandemic we will not be able to do some of the things we are used to. However we believe it is important not to forget how Read more ...

Christmas in Vilnius : 5 things locals are excited about in 2020
Blog created at December 14, 2020
Blog created by VilniusFreeTour

December is a magical time in every Lithuanian heart. This is the only time in a year, when basketball is not the most important thing in life. It’s Christmas time! However this year Christmas i Read more ...

What's the Best Time to Visit Vilnius?
Blog created at December 1, 2020
Blog created by VilniusFreeTour

Wondering when’s the best time to visit Vilnius? That is a typical, yet essential question considering that Lithuania has four truly distinct seasons. The temperatures vary from the extreme 30&d Read more ...