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December 7, 2018
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So you’ve joined Vilnius Free Tour? We hope you enjoyed it! But now you are cold and your shoes are probably wet. Lunch should revive you a bit... But what to do for the rest of your stay in Vilnius? Let’s face it – it’s a bit too early to hide in a bar (and also not very cheap)... Well, if you like historical photography and still want to see more of Vilnius – we have something to offer.

Antanas Sutkus: KOSMOS

(2018 11 09 - 2019 01 13)


                                               Antanas Sutkus. Matriculation in Vilnius University. Vilnius, 1969
If you are interested to find out more about Soviet times in Lithuania, you cannot miss “Antanas Sutkus: KOSMOS” exhibition at National Gallery of Arts. Antanas Sutkus is not only famous in Lithuania, he is a monument! His pictures gave the inhabitants of Lithuania, their lives and the country itself a face, and by this work he became a chronicler of his time. We discover street scenes and subtle everyday scenes in which people move completely naturally: the normal life, away from any excitement. We see young and old, children and workers, artists and farmers, town and country, modernity and tradition, farewell and encounter, traffic, boredom or just the rain. All and everything has its place on Antanas Sutkus ́ Planet Lithuania, which in those days was almost as difficult to reach from the west as the moon. With nearly 300 images, including many previously unseen works, the exhibition presents a new look at the tremendously high quality work of this giant among the European photographers.

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Józef Czechowicz and His Time in Photography

(2018 12 04 - 2019 03 03)

The exhibition at the Vilnius Picture Gallery is dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the birth of Józef Czechowicz (1818–1888). He is recognized as one of the most important 19th century Vilnius photo chronicler and the leading photography artist of Lithuania of his time. While putting the exhibition together, it was discovered that he was also the author of the earliest extant photographs of Kiev. And the facsimiles of those photographs will be exhibited for the first time! The enlarged details of his pictures reveal the photographer’s contemporaries, witnesses of his times, with whom he walked the same streets and observed life going on in Vilnius. Józef Czechowicz’s photos are featured alongside with the finest works by 19th-century Lithuanian, Polish, Belarusian and French photographers. Crown jewels of the exhibition are prints by the French photography geniuses Édouard Baldus, Gustave Le Gray and the Bisson Frères studio, by the Varsovian photographers Karol Beyer, Konrand Brandel, Maksymilian Fajans and Jan Mieczkowski from the Lithuanian Art Museum and the National Museum in Warsaw. 

You should check out this teaser for this exhibition! How many corners of Vilnius can you recognize?

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