How to get from Vilnius airport to the city centre

Blog created at Last updated October 21, 2020

Vilnius airport is just a bit more than 6 kilometers away from Vilnius city centre or Vilnius Old Town. You can reach the city using both public transport or taxi as well as world-wide popular Uber or Bolt. You can find the public transport schedules at the exit of the airport (you will see blue screens with train and bus schedules). Here are different ways to go from Vilnius airport to city centre:

1. Getting from Vilnius airport to city centre BY BUS
2. Getting from Vilnius airport to city centre BY TRAIN
3. Getting from Vilnius airport to city centre BY TAXI, UBER or BOLT
4. Getting from Vilnius airport to city centre BY CITYBEE


This is definitely the cheapest way to get to the city centre. Find all the useful information about the prices, tickets, bus schedules and numbers of buses below.


Usually you can buy a bus ticket (€1) at the bus driver (you can only pay cash).  It’s valid for one bus/trolleybus ride only and must be stamped in red or yellow machine (normally found by the driver). NB! Due to COVID-19 pandemic it is not possible to buy tickets from the driver anymore.

We really recommend buying tickets for public transport on your phone! If you have data, you can download Trafi App (maybe you even have it as it is used in some other cities as well) to buy tickets on your phone (0.65 EUR for 30 min ride or 0.90 EUR for 60 min ride). In this case you just need your phone and your card. Choose the type of ticket best for you, buy it and do not forget to ACTIVATE it once you get on the bus. In case your phone dies, do not be worried. If control checks you, they have chargers, so you can show you really have a ticket ;) 30 min ticket should be enough to get from Vilnius airport to city centre.

Another app you can download for public transport tickets is official Vilnius city app m.Ticket, however the last time we checked it was only in Lithuanian..

If you plan to use public transport more than once while staying in Vilnius and you have no data on your phone, consider buying a Vilnius card ("Vilniečio kortelė"). The card costs 1,5 EUR. With this card a 30 min ticket costs 0,64 EUR, a 60 min ticket costs 0,93 EUR. It is also possible to buy 1 day, 3 days, 10 days or 30 days tickets. You can buy the card and put money in it or tickets at “Narvesen” kiosk at the airport (Once in the city center, “Vilnius card” can also be purchased in other “Narvesen” kiosks, as well as “Lietuvos spauda”, “Spauda” kiosks, post offices and “Maxima” supermarkets. You can look at the map to find the location closest to you). Once you get on the bus, look for a yellow box. You should touch it with your "Vilniečio kortelė" and choose which ticket you want to activate. If you put a day ticket, you should just touch the yellow box and wait until "beep" sound. It means, your day ticket was activated and will be valid for the next 24 hours. If you touch it again, you will see until when the ticket is valid. If you plan to say in Vilnius for a longer time, this card is quite useful for day tickets if you do not prefer to use apps on your phone, but otherwise, consider downloading the apps.


       Bus #1 Airport – Bus/Train Station (Oro uostas – Stotis) around 15 min ride

       Bus #2 Airport – Bus /Train Station  (Oro uostas – Stotis) around 20 min ride

The Bus/Train Station is about 10-15 minutes walk from Vilnius old town.

       Bus #88 Airport – City Centre – Europa Square (Europos aikštė). If you are staying in Vilnius old town, you should get off at Aušros vartai or MO muziejus stops (around 15 min ride).

      Bus #3G Airport – City Centre – Fabijoniškės* If you need to go to Vilnius city centre, get off at Juozo Tumo Vaižganto or Green Bridge (Žaliasis tiltas) stops (around 15-20 min ride).


You can check Vilnius bus routes and schedules on your Trafi or m.Ticket apps or you can also find them on website in English. Also, there are screens with timetables near the exits of Vilnius airport.


There’s a new modern train going from the airport to the central train station approximately every 40-60 minutes. The ride takes only 7-9 minutes and the ticket costs only €0,70! If you have a lot of luggage with you, this might be the best way for you to get to the city from Vilnius airport as the train is much birger and more cimfortable than buses. Again, it will take you about 10-15 minutes to walk from the station to Vilnius old town.


You can look for the train schedules from Vilnius airport to the train stations in advance to see if it coincides with you flight. The schedule is only in Lithuanian, but look for the stop Oro uostas which means airport in Lithuanian. 


You can buy tickets online at the official Lithuanian Rail website. You do not need to print the ticket. Just be ready to show it on your phone. It costs 0.70 EUR.


If you decide to take a taxi from the airport, make sure you don’t get ripped off! Normally, locals never take cabs waiting just outside the exit of the airport. They are usually way overpriced! Vilnius airport is quite close to the city centre. It should take around 15 minutes to get to your hotel/apartment.

We usually call a taxi by phone or use an application (Bolt, Uber. etc.) (airport’s address is Rodūnios kl. 10A, Vilnius 02189, Lietuva). To reach the city centre from Vilnius airport locals usually pay €5-6. However, if you are a foreigner, taxi drivers often ask for more. It’s always a good idea to agree on price before getting on the car. Don’t pay more than €10!

We would recommend using BOLT, Uber or eTaksi apps. If you book a ride via their app, you will see the price in advance. Uber and Bolt have a designated pick up area at one of the parking lots that you will be able to see on your apps. 

If you call a taxi yourself, you should wait for it just outside “Departures” (not “Arrivals"!). If you arrive in Vilnius in day time, you can also ask the tourist information centre to call you a cab.


As the world is shaken by global pandemic you might want to avoid any contact with other people while going from Vilnius airport to city. It is possible to do it using car sharing system CityBee. You will have to download the app and register with your valid B category driving license. Then you will have to go to the parking lot designated to CityBee. Once you get to your hotel/apartment in the city centre, just drop off the car next to it. Car sharing might might be useful if you plan to use the cars more often during your stay. Check Citybee's website for prices and conditions.

Here are four ways to go to city centre from Vilnius airport. Choose the best one for you depending on your preferences. Once you settled in the city centre or Vilnius Old Town, you can start exploring the new city. Not sure how to explore Vilnius? We can help! Walking tour is the easiest option to discover a new city with local guides who can also give you many useful tips and recommendations of what else to do in Vilnius. We always recommend to start your visit with a general Vilnius free walking tour around Vilnius Old Town and Uzupis. If one walking tour is not enough for you, you can find all our Vilnius free walking tours and paid Vilnius city tours while browsing our website. Good luck and see you on one of our Vilnius city tours!

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