Ieva B. suggestions on how to celebrate Vilnius b-day in 2022!

Blog created at Last updated January 25, 2022

This year Vilnius birthday is going to be big! Since we were stuck inside last year everyone is extremely excited about this year's celebrations! Also it’s the last rehearsal before the 700th anniversary extravaganza! If you are wondering why we are having celebrations on one of the darkest and coldest months in Lithuania, check out our short history of Vilnius birthday!

And now, let’s find out the best, craziest and most inspiring ways to celebrate Vilnius B-day as only Ieva B. can think of. 

  1. Send a letter. Or a postcard. Or at least a text message! 

Practice your handwriting skills and let your family and friends know how incredibly your trip to Vilnius is going. Or maybe you have a crazy dream and you need help to fulfill it? Then definitely write a letter. Look how it worked out for Gediminas! Sounds like a plan? Here is the list of places to find the best postcards: 

  • Mint Vintetu (Šv. Ignoto 16, Vilnius)

  • The gift shop at Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania (Katedros sq. 4) or MO museum (Pylimo str. 17) 

  • Užupis Border Control ( Užupio str. 1)

  • Keistoteka (Paupio str. 2)

  • You can find post offices at Vokiečių str. 7 or Totoriu str. 8. 

Best postcards to send from Vilnius

Best postcards from Vilnius. Picture by Ieva B.

Talking about promoting Vilnius…

  1. Choose your favorite Vilnius advertising campaign. 

And yes, we have quite a few to choose from. All of them have fun/quirky videos as well, so it can be a great laugh next to a cup of coffee and a nice slice of cake. So are you a fan of the controversial G-spot , or do you agree that there’s no need for navigation in Vilnius? But my favorite campaign was released this year just in time for Christmas in Vilnius. And if you had a laugh why not share this video with your friends?

Vilnius promo by Go Vilnius

One of Vilnius tourism campaigns. © Go Vilnius

Talking about laughs...

  1. Have a dad joke competition next to Gediminas monument!

Ok, I know it sounds crazy, but last year I suggested howling as a wolf in Gediminas Tower…And Gediminas is a dad of Vilnius after all. So it does make sense if you don’t think too hard about it. So how about this: "Why do seagulls fly over the ocean?" "Because if they flew over the bay, we'd call them bagels."

Talking about food…

  1. Have some desert! 

What is a birthday without a cake or two? And we have a perfect one for the occasion. Have you ever heard about Šakotis? This weird shaped cake baked on a rotating spit over an open fire is a must before you leave Lithuania. You can buy the entire cake in many places, like traditional food markets, or in Senamiesčio krautuvė. Many cafes in Vilnius also sell sliced Šakotis, so you can try it first without buying the entire tower. 

If you have one too many deserts and need to lose some calories - we have you covered. How about… 

  1. Walk 100 km around Vilnius

Yes, it’s possible! Introduced just before the pandemic, an integral 100 KM route is suitable for everyone who enjoys running, walking and exploring undiscovered places in Vilnius. The official start of the route is a hill named Stalo kalnas in the center of Vilnius, but you can start the route from any point or cover it in separate sections. Just keep in mind that most of the trail stretches as an off-road path, so have good shoes! Especially at this time of the year. 

Running around Vilnius on 100 km path

One of Vilnius tourism campaigns. ©

If 100 KM is a bit too much, shopping is another way to burn some calories…

  1. Dress up!

Why not, it’s the 699th b-day after all! How about lithuanian designer coat? Or at least socks? A t-shirt with Vilnius inspired art is also a great idea. You can find all those things and much more at the shop named Located in the heart of Gediminas avenue, it also serves as a lithuanian design museum. So you should definitely visit it even if you don’t plan to buy anything just yet. Another great shop for lithuanian made apparel is located in Trakų str. It’s affordable, the staff is incredibly friendly and you might leave it with a completely new outfit! 

Shopping in Vilnius at Locals LT

One of the best shopping places in Vilnius to get local stuff ©

Now that you are all dressed up, it’s time to show off…

  1. Join the Vilnius light festival!

For five nights the streets and squares of Vilnius will be filled with light installations, illuminated architecture, contemporary digital art and various lighting design solutions. Believe me, it’s a must see. Even worth the cold fingers! Need a bit more convincing? Here is a video from last years. 

Vilnius light festival

The best festival in Vilnius during winter time - Vilnius light festival ©

And last but not least… 

  1.  Make a wish!

The best way to end a birthday party is to make a wish for the upcoming year or century… After the light festival head directly to Cathedral square and find a little tial with the word STEBUKLAS written on it. It means a miracle and locals know that if you step on it and spin 3 times, all your wishes will come true. Feel a bit dizzy after spinning? This is how you will feel after your dream will come true!

So here are a few ideas on how to celebrate Vilnius b-day! Feel inspired? Or maybe you want to find out more about Gediminas and the history of our beautiful city? Then join our Vilnius free walking tour or other tours and we will share everything we know with you!