Vilnius Alternative Tour

street art vilniusWHEN:  during the winter season private option only, contact us for more information

DURATION: 2.5 - 3 Hours (lots of walking involved, wear comfortable shoes :)))



Alternative vilniusGet closer to the local people

Find out why there is a statue of Frank Zappa in Vilnius

Explore the dodgy station area

Say hi to Tony Soprano 


In the Soviet times Vilnius was called the most “Western” Soviet city because of its long-haired hippies and freedom ideas. Nowadays, most of alternative ideas can be found by discovering street art and abandoned areas of the town, exploring interesting buildings, bumping into random statues or even just by meeting some local drunks!

So if you already got enough of churches and cute narrow streets, we suggest you to leave the beaten track and face the other side of Vilnius!

Explore the dodgy station area which in 10 years is supposed to become one of the most prosperous districts of Vilnius, say hi to Tony Soprano there and find out where the statue for Frank Zappa is hiding!

Come wearing comfortable shoes, take heaps of positive energy, a camera for unexpected shots and get into the life in Vilnius!

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