Vilnius Beer Tasting Experience


45 EUR/person.


Every Friday at 4 PM. Pre-book!

Vilnius With Locals office (Gaono st. 1)

~3 hours

You have to be 20 years old or more to join this tour


  • You will taste multiple varieties and styles of beer (10 different beers).
  • You will visit a the small brewery & three legendary Vilnius bars, loved by locals.
  • Tasting of traditional beer snacks.
  • Insights into the local drinking culture.
  • Friendly local guide
Fully booked


If you are tired of crowds in Prague and prices in Brussels - come to Vilnius to experience probably the best beers in Europe. If you think that you've tried weirdest foods in the world - come to Vilnius to taste strange delicacies which we proudly call ‘beer snacks’. If you are curious to find out about Lithuanian drinking culture and fill your belly with beer and snacks – Vilnius beer tour is just a perfect choice! So come to join us, relax with local people in best Vilnius spots and please your palate with new tastes!

During the tour you will visit 4 unique and legendary bars (one of them is a microbrewery) in the heart of Vilnius. While tasting all the flavours of our wonderful beer you will learn all the DO’S and DON'T’S of drinking in Lithuania and why after 27 years of independence Lithuanians still have to fight for freedom of rock-and-roll! Last but not least - find out how you can lose 8 eur in the most useless way!

All in all, we ensure you that by joining our 3 hours beer tasting experience in Vilnius you will have a great Friday evening with exceptional tastes, funny stories and pleasant time with a good company! This tour will let you get familiar with local traditions and favourite drinks of the citizens in Lithuania's capital city. Just remember - Lithuanians like their beer as dark as their nights and their humor.

NB! We need at least three people to pre-book for the Vilnius beer tour to occur. If you are travelling alone, please contact us ( before paying :)

If you are booking a private tour, for an additional fee you can have a tour in a brewery as well. Please, email us to get more information :)


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