Vilnius Food Tour


55 EUR/person

3 hours


Monday, Thursday, Saturday at 4 PM, pre-booking is required

Senamiescio Krautuve (Literatu st. 5)


  • Hang out with a friendly local foodie guide
  • Taste a range of delicious Lithuanian dishes
  • Try a shot of traditional Lithuanian alcohol
  • Find out how Lithuanian cuisine has changed over the years
  • Discover what the first disposable plates were made from
  • Learn about the life of a local vegetarian before WWII
Fully booked


Taste is one of the five senses, no wonder that trying traditional food is one of the best ways to discover a new location and its culture!

If you think that the Lithuanian cuisine only consists of potatoes, meat and sour-cream, then join the Vilnius Food Tour and let us prove you wrong! Throughout history our food traditions have been influenced by many different foreign cuisines & cultures (including Italian, German, Polish, French, Greek, Jewish, Karaites ect.) and we want you to taste the best of it!

Find out how the Lithuanian cuisine has changed throughout the years; what the first disposable dishes were made from, the difference between the rich & poor, the life of a vegetarian and how everything looks today!

While tasting great Lithuanian dishes we will visit 5-6 places, so be sure to come with an appetite and be ready to dive into a full meal to experience the flavors of Vilnius with a very friendly local guide.

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