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Vilnius Free Tour (Old Town & Uzupis will run on Saturdays & Sundays at 11 am if 4 or more people pre-book a day before. 

Other tours are available as private tours with 72 hour pre-booking.


Planning to visit Lithuania and wondering what things to do and see in its capital Vilnius city? Then you should join Vilnius city tours arranged by local guides to make the most of your trip to Lithuania! 

It is always a great idea to start your stay with our original Vilnius free walking tour around Vilnius Old Town & Užupis. It will give you a great overview of the must visit places in the city. While sightseeing with a local guide and fellow travellers, you will get some inspiration and suggestions on other things to do in Vilnius. 

If you got inspired to explore further, we invite you to join other scheduled Vilnius city tours such as: Jewish Vilnius tour or Soviet Vilnius tour to learn about our history, Alternative Vilnius tour to discover Lithuanian street art or Vilnius Ghost tour to find out the dark secrets of Vilnius Old Town. If you like to get acquainted with new cultures through taste, why not join Vilnius Food tour? It's a great option when you are tired of walking city tours and want to enjoy Lithuanian dishes, drinks, relax with friends and funny stories. We ensure that you'll fall in love with our cuisine and traditions.

If you do not prefer group tours, we can arrange a customized private Vilnius city tour! We will personalize it according to your wishes. We use all our creativity combining the best of our traditional and themed tours to offer you an ideal mix of history, culture, knowledge, food, fun, ...(you name it!) :) Just contact us for tailor-made city tour in Vilnius!

In addition to this, we arrange free walking tours in Kaunas which is the second largest Lithuania's city. 

Whether you travel alone or with a group and whatever your preferences are, our enthusiastic and professional guides in Vilnius will make your stay in Lithuania a memorable one! Join Vilnius with Locals daily tours and do not forget to ask the guides for recommendations about what other things to do in Vilnius and its surroundings!

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