About Us


We are a team of friendly, motivated and qualified local tour guides in Vilnius, Lithuania. We all have different stories how we ended up as guides (our team consists of historians, economists, journalists, lawyers, linguists…). What unites is that we all share a passion for travelling, learning new things and meeting people. After having travelled a lot, we want to introduce you to Lithuania the way we would like to discover the country ourselves. We never stop smiling and learning, so we could provide you the best service you could expect. We are not only your Lithuanian guides, we want to be your local friends as well.


In 2009 we started organising Vilnius free tour because we wanted to meet travellers and noticed a lack of regular Vilnius city tours in English. Most of us were students back then and guiding free walking tours in Vilnius was a great way to “travel” without travelling. We started skipping classes at universities as we wanted to do more tours. And so we got addicted to our job! Our team started expanding. It wasn’t only our hobby anymore. We wanted to become real professionals. At the moment we are a group of 15 motivated young (outside and/or inside:)) licenced guides.


We believe that a great sightseeing tour consists of these ingredients – a knowledgeable guide, a good mixture of history and nowadays life and a friendly atmosphere. We will do our best to provide you a memorable experience. But if you could help us to create the atmosphere by asking us questions (our guides love questions and interaction!), sharing your stories or just smiling during our tours, it would make our day!

If you are looking for things to do in Vilnius, we can offer something for you every day. Check our regular walking tours (Soviet Vilnius, Jewish Vilnius, Alternative Vilnius, Vilnius Ghost tour, Vilnius Old Town & Uzupis tour), join us to sample Lithuanian food on our Vilnius Food Tour. You are Visiting Kaunas? Make sure to join our Kaunas Free Tour. If any of this is not something for you, we would be happy to organise a private city tour in Vilnius or an adventurous day trip outside the city. Just contact us and let us know what you are looking for.

As we are a small company of local guides in Vilnius and Kaunas, we really care about our products that we create and we constantly try to improve them. If you have been on our tours and have any helpful feedback, we would be happy to hear from you!

Our guides

Guide in Vilnius Šarūnas


When I was a kid, my grandparents would tell me stories about their lives in the country that went back decades, and captivated my imagination. Perhaps this was a factor that prompted me to start history studies later on in life. After graduating I knew I would love to share this knowledge, so naturally, becoming a tour guide was the best thing to do. It has been three years since I became a city guide and so far I’ve had a great time – now I am the one who tells stories to captivate your imagination! You will meet Šarūnas on Vilnius Old Town & Uzupis tour, Jewish Tour and Soviet Tour.

Guide in Vilnius Ieva B

Ieva B

'Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.' Yeah, I know it's cheese, but being a tour guide connects two of my favourite activities: exploring Vilnius and sharing stories with people. However, do not be fooled by my flowery dress - half of my jokes will be quite sarcastic or black humoured. You will meet Ieva on Free Alternative tour, Vilnius Ghost tour, Vilnius Food tour, Free Old town and Uzupis tour and Soviet tours.

Guide in Vilnius Martyna


I moved to Vilnius to study more than 10 years ago and just fell in love with the city. Being a guide helps me to learn more about it and share everything with travellers. I am a history nerd, basketball fan, cycling enthusiast and nature lover. You will meet Martyna on Vilnius Old Town and Uzupis tour and Jewish Vilnius tour.

Guide in Vilnius Milda


I’ve been working as a guide for 3 years and I enjoy it a lot as I still can learn a lot from all of you! I’ve studied religious philosophy and in Vilnius I can show you not only the most amazing places in the old town, but also teach you about the Jewish history there. F. Nietzsche once said: “If you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you” – that is the sentence I always remember and try to keep my mind active in search of the essential answers. I will be pleased to meet you in Vilnius, show you my city and exchange ideas :) You can meet Milda on the Alternative, Jewish and Old Town Tours.

Guide in Vilnius Raminta


Vilnius is one of the best places in the world! From interesting history to vibrant restaurants and bars or green parks, the city has it all. That’s the simple reason why I became a tour guide. I am happy to have an opportunity to meet travelers from different countries, keep learning, and, most importantly, share the love for my hometown. So, let's explore Vilnius together, and I am sure you will feel the same way! You can meet Raminta on the Old Town and Food tours.

Guide in Vilnius Arminas "Harry Potter"

Arminas "Harry Potter"

Interaction, communication, knowledge and sharing. The time pass by so quickly while showing you around in Vilnius old town and alternative parts of it. Guiding is a story telling, its not only the history, right? When I was little I was a fan of a Harry Potter, he knows how to creat some magic. I would like to create some for you, while you are visiting the capital of Lithuania. No tricks. No magic sticks. Just interaction, communication, knowledge and sharing! Hope to meet you soon! You can meet Arminas on the Alternative and Old town tours.

Guide in Vilnius Tadas


I am a professional hotelier during the midweek and a passionate tour guide on the weekends. I absolutely adore traveling and meeting new people, as well as exploring different cultures and trying national cuisines. Photography helps me to capture those wonderful moments and truly amazing experiences. I spent 1 year in Florida, USA and 7 years in Dublin, Ireland. Even thought it was a brilliant period of my life, I always wished to come back home as I really missed Vilnius-my beloved hometown. To a majority of people it is still unknown and undiscovered city, therefore a pleasure is mine showing around and sharing a rich history and interesting stories about this beautiful Lithuanian capital. You will meet Tadas on Free Old Town & Uzupis tour and Soviet Vilnius tour.

Guide in Vilnius Narmin


I’m a curious web developer, moved to Kaunas 6 years ago. Once I started hearing and reading the stories about Kaunas, I fell in love with the city, and how every corner has a story to tell. I would like to share these stories with you and show you important places you would pass by without noticing. You will meet Narmin on Kaunas Free Tour