Jewish Vilnius Tour

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17 €/person online (Entrance to the synagogue + 2 EUR)

20 €/person at the meeting point (Entrance to the synagogue + 2 EUR)


Mondays & Fridays at 11 am

Duration of the tour

2 hours



meeting point

Vilnius Town Hall ( Didzioji g. 31)


  • Walk along the streets of former Vilnius Jewish quarter
  • Explore the areas of Vilna ghettos during World War II
  • Get acquainted with 'litvaks' - Lithuanian Jews
  • Learn why Vilnius was called "Jerusalem of Lithuania"
  • Find out where Vilna Gaon lived
  • *Visiting the only surviving Vilnius choral synagogue possible for additional 2 EUR
Fully booked

What to expect from Jewish Vilnius Tour

NB! If you wish to book a private Jewish Vilnius walking tour within 48 hours, please send un email to first to check if we have any available guides in such a short notice.

You are welcome to join our Jewish Vilnius tour and learn about the history of Jewish nation in Lithuania, visit fascinating places and remember both good and bad times that have passed. Our local guides will broaden your knowledge through intriguing stories and memorable facts related to Vilnius Jewish heritage sites.

In the past Vilnius streets were full of little shops with Yiddish & Polish names, more than a hundred synagogues and houses of worship, thousands of Jews wandering around the narrow streets of their beloved city and a rivalry between Jewish & Catholic merchants and craftsmen. These are just some of the things you would not see today, but were a big part of Vilnius, or Wilno, or Vilna…

During three years of the WWII, the small but rich world of the Lithuanian Jewish community was destroyed. The horrors of the war followed by ignorance of Soviet authorities changed the face of Jewish Vilnius.

We invite you to go back in time and evoke the Jewish world that existed. Wander around the streets bearing traces of the community that earned Vilnius the name “Jerusalem of Lithuania”. Get acquainted with a typical Litvak – a Lithuanian Jew who was known for love of learning as well as some famous personalities like a Jewish doctor whom children adored, Jewish genius who could sleep just for two hours a day and a Litvak – a stubborn Lithuanian Jew who preferred studying more than socializing. During Vilnius Jewish route we will visit the only synagogue in use today from many that existed. Also, we will find out more about the time that had such disastrous consequences to Vilnius Jewish community while visiting former Jewish ghettos.


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FAQ about Jewish Vilnius Tour

Do I need to pre-book Jewish Vilnius tour?

YES! Due to COVID-19, pre-bookings a day before are required. If we receive no bookings for Jewish Vilnius tour, the guide will not go to the meeting point. You can easily book the tour by clicking on the day you are interested in on the calendar. If you cannot choose the date, it means the tour is not available anymore for that day.

How to book a tour?

Click on the date you are interested in on the calendar above. If you cannot select the date, it is not available. After you click on available date, the form will appear to fill your details to book the tour and proceed with the payment. If you want to book a private tour, please select PRIVATE on the top of the calendar.

Where is the meeting point of the tour?

Jewish Vilnius tour starts in front of Vilnius Town Hall (Didzioji st. 31) and finishes a few minute from Vilnius Town Hall. Look for our guides on the stairs.

Where can I buy the ticket for Jewish Vilnius tour?

You can purchase your tickets to the regular tour:

1. Here on our website by booking via calendar. Advance payment is not required and you can pay before the tour. However you should note that if you pay on the spot, the price will be higher. 

2. During other tours. You can also buy tickets during other Vilnius With Locals tours from the guides. 

3. Before the tour at the meeting point (however we charge 20 EUR instead of 17 EUR if you pay on the spot).

Are there any additional fees?

Yes, 2 EUR/person fee for the entrance to Vilnius Choral synagogue (if opened).

What is the refund policy?

You may cancel your booking any time before the tour date by writing an email to Cancellations need to be made at least 72 hrs before the start of your private or regular tour to get the full refund. A 50% refund will be given to cancellations received between 48-72 hours before the start of your private tour. Cancellations received within 48 hours and no-shows will not be refunded.

Do you offer any discounts for children?

All kids up to 7 years old are welcome to join our regular walking tours for free. 

Others up to 14 years old get 50 % discount for walking tours

Who are the guides?

We are professional licensed guides in Vilnius.

Do you run city tours if it rains or snows?

Yes, we never cancel tours because of the weather. Do not forget to bring an umbrella or dress appropriately and let's discover Vilnius together no matter what the weather is.

How do I recognise the guides?

Our guides have yellow name tags or a yellow sign with the name of the tour, a yellow “Vilnius with Locals Tours” sign or a yellow "Vilnius With Locals Tours" bag. It is impossible to miss us :)

In what language is Jewish Vilnius tour?

At the moment we offer Jewish Vilnius tour only in English.

How big are the groups?

On regular tours we have groups from 5 to 20 people depending on the season. 

Is there a place I can keep my luggage so I do not need to carry it during the tour?

There is a place to leave your luggage at the bus station (Sodu g. 22) which is 15 min walk from Vilnius Town Hall.

I bought Vilnius City Pass. Can I join the tour for free?

Unfortunately, you cannot join Jewish Vilnius tour with Vilnius city pass for free.

What to do if I am late?

Please do not be late:) In case you are running late inform us as soon as possible via phone +37069169365. If you manage to do that before the tour starts, we can ask the guide to share his/her location via whatsapp. But we are unable to do that after the tour starts. 

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