Things to do in Vilnius in summer: Outdoor cafes and summer terraces

Blog created at Last updated August 20, 2020

One of the best things to do in Vilnius during the summer time is to sit outside in one of the local cafes and enjoy the weather. We do not have much time to enjoy sunshine or warm weather in Lithuania. Let’s say four or five months a year! That is not a lot. So once the weather gets better we all want to eat or have a drink outside! Then most of the cafes, bars and restaurants in Vilnius open outdoor seating in the courtyards or streets close by.

This year Vilnius even decided to become a big open air café because of COVID-19 and required safe distance between the tables. So we have even more options to enjoy eating outside this summer. You can check here about the initiative of Vilnius mayor here

Even though we have summer terraces, beer gardens, outdoor cafes and restaurants all over Vilnius Old Town, we chose some of the coolest summer terraces or outdoor cafes for you to check out during your visit to Vilnius!

Kitas krantas

Admiring sunset and hot air balloons in Kitas krantas summer terrace

Just on the other side of Neris river this is probably the coolest outdoor cafe to enjoy not only sitting outside, but also the perfect views of Neris river, iconic Gediminas Tower, late sunsets on summer evenings and even watch some people dancing! This outdoor café is situated on the right bank of Neris river by King Mindaugas bridge. It is impossible to miss it. There is also a little dance floor where locals meet up to dance lindyhop, salsa, kizomba and so on!  

So grab a drink at the bar, get comfortable in one of the bean bag chairs with an amazing view to the river and Gediminas tower, enjoy a beautiful sunset and join locals for a dance:)

Check here for more information. 

Downtown forest hostel & camping

One of the coolest things to do in summer is to grill. Many locals get out of the city to the lakes and forests and the smell of barbeque is in the air. But you do not need to get out of Vilnius to do some grilling! There is Downtown forest hostel & camping for that – the first and only barbeque bar in Vilnius. Just for 4 EUR/person you will be provided with a grill (check the types of grills), charcoal, utensils for your grilling, napkins, disposable tableware and so on. The only thing you need to bring is food! There is also a bar where you can get drinks (you are not allowed to bring your own drinks!). The location of this barbeque bar is a bit out of the Old town, but it is definitely worth that 10-15 min walk. Also, it is a hostel, so you might consider staying there.

Book the grill here, bring your own food and friends, buy drinks at the bar and enjoy a great summer evening in a beautiful summer terrace surrounded by nature.

Book your grill here.

Amy Winehouse terasa

Entrance to Amy Winehouse terrace

This bohemian terrace is located on a hill on Basanavičiaus street around 5 min walk from Vilnius Old Town. Named after famous musician, it got popular among locals for quite cheap prices, peaceful surroundings and cozy atmosphere. Oh, let’s not forget a great view to the city. It is a lovely place to get out of busy Old Town, have a glass of wine and enjoy a beautiful summer evening.

Check here for more information.

Pink & Yellow

Chilling on the roof top at Pink&Yellow terrace

While courtyards with outdoor seating, summer terraces on the streets and squares of Vilnius are quite usual for locals, we have a brand new experience – a roof-top terrace Pink & Yellow! It is not the cheapest place but hey… it is on the rooftop! We would recommend reserving a spot in advance. It is quite a new place and everyone wants to try it! So it can get pretty busy. During weekends they also offer a special brunch menu from 10 am till 3 pm. Just recently Pink & Yellow started organizing Jazz sessions and dance parties on the roof top.

Check it here.


Outdoor seating next to rail tracks at Peronas bar

How drinking beer next to a rail tracks does sounds to you? Scary or pretty cool? Peronas became a hit among locals once it was opened close to Vilnius Train station a few years ago. It does not sound like the best location for the bar, but locals love it. A cool hipster kind of bar with a huge Tony Soprano next to rail tracks. It is definitely worth checking out. Now a bunch of new places were opened close by so if Peronas is very busy, you can find some seating in other bars.

Check here for more information. 

Balkonas (Balcony)

A view from Balkonas terrace

This is one of the newest terraces/outdoor cafes you can find in Vilnius opened only this summer (2020). It is located in the balcony of Lithuanian Russian Drama Theatre. This is where the name comes from - Balcony. It is quite small, but very cozy with a nice view from the balcony to the street.  Their cold beet root soup aka pink soup (šaltibarščiai) is amazing! Check it out!

Piano man outside

Most of the outdoor cafes and summer terraces I have mentioned in this blog are a bit out of Vilnius Old town. But if you are staying in the Old town and you do not want to walk a lot, there is also an option for you - Piano man outside! Piano Man is a pretty cool bar located on Islandijos street, but in summer Lithuanians want to sit outside so Piano Man found a perfect location in the courtyard of Lithuanian Theater, Music & Cinema museum (Vilniaus g. 41). That’s where locals meet up after work to have some beer and Aperol spritz. So it might get a bit busy on warm summer evenings!

Check here for more information.


Here is the map with all the outdoor cafes and summer terraces:

Check those terraces out and let us know which one is the best for you. Or, if you found another terrace we did not talk about, please let us know and we will check it out!