Where to Take a Swim in Vilnius?

Blog created at Last updated July 15, 2020

One of the best things to do in Vilnius in summer could be taking a beach day. If you are in Vilnius Old Town on a hot day and find yourself wondering where to cool off or sunbathe, pick one of these public beaches. They’re all free and can be reached by public transport - plan your route using Trafi app (App Store, Google Play). From this summer on, there’s even a nudist beach in the city. So choose the most convenient spot for you, grab your swimwear (or not) and take a dip in a lake or river without leaving the city!

NB! Do not forget about the safety measures in beaches regarding the virus: stay in if you’re feeling unwell, wash and disinfect your hands, follow the etiquette when coughing, sneezing, etc.

1. Green Lakes Beach
2. Valakampiai I Beach
3. Valakampiai II Beach
4. Žirmūnai Beach
5. Salotė Beach
6. Gėlužė (Gilužis) Beach
7. Balžis I and II Beach
8. Tapeliai I and II Beach

1. Green Lakes Beach

Nearest bus stop – Verkių Riešė

The Green Lakes actually consist of 6 different lakes, but the most loved one is definitely lake Balsys. Its newly renovated beach does not only offer a sandy shore or free sunbeds, but also has a huge area for active lifestyle and grilling. It does get crowded on hotter days, but it’s worth your visit – the green water lakes surrounded by forests surely look magical. 

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Green Lakes in VilniusSource: https://www.savaitgalis.lt/vieta/zalieji-ezerai/

2. Valakampiai I Beach

Nearest bus stop – 1-asis paplūdimys

This is the bigger beach of two beaches of Valakampiai – the part of the city located on the left bank on river Neris. It’s got all the needed infrastructure and a pretty cool view of soviet-era apartment buildings on a hill, partly covered by lush trees. It’s a great spot to enjoy a more refreshing swim as the water of the river is always a bit cooler.

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People chilling at Valakampiai Beach in VilniusSource: https://mapio.net/pic/p-11102795/

3. Valakampiai II Beach

Nearest bus stop – 2-asis paplūdimys

From this June, Valakampiai II Beach has a separate nudist zone. So if you’re a part of this free culture, you can safely enjoy a swim even here, in our capital city. If you’re not, don’t worry, there is still plenty of space at this beautiful beach to take a dip.

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Vilnius beach sign  ©Vilniaus miesto savivaldybė

4.  Žirmūnai Beach

Nearest bus stop – Valakampių tiltas

Located in the center part of Vilnius, this recently renewed beach is perfect for a family day as well as for a quick dip in the river. It has just been fitted for people with disabilities making this beach a nice bathing place in the city for wheelchair users.

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Kayaking in Neris river in Vilnius ©Saulė Valušytė

5.  Salotė Beach

Nearest bus stop - Bitėnų

This is one of the most popular lake beaches in Vilnius. If you’re staying in one of the Western neighborhoods of the city, this would be the ideal choice. There’s a great volleyball court, a children’s playground and also a lovely restaurant right by the beach, where you can enjoy a drink or a meal in the open air.

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Salote Beach in Pilaite in Vilnius ©Ieva Čičirkaitė

6.  Gėlužė (Gilužis) Beach

Nearest bus stop – Bitėnų

This beach has just been opened this summer. It has a big brand-new footbridge and a cosy grill zone with benches and tables. It will be fitted for people with disabilities. Don’t miss your chance to check out the newest beach in Vilnius!

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Geluze Beach in Vilnius ©Grinda

7.  Balžis I and II Beach

Nearest bus stop - Balžio

Located a bit further away from the Vilnius Old Town, this lake is surrounded by a gorgeous pine forest and even has a cable wake park. There’s also a place called Royal’s Spot, where you can enjoy a long walk in the forest,  a bicycle ride or a nice picnic by the lake.

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Balzis beach close to Vilnius ©Ieva Čičirkaitė

8.  Tapeliai I and II Beach

Nearest bus stop - Karačiūnai

Tapeliai lake would be the perfect choice for those who enjoy a bit of exercise before a swim, as the beaches are located 4.6 km (2,9 mi) from the bus stop. However, it’s worth the walk, as the environment is clean and the nature is beautiful.

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Tapeliai beach in VilniusSource: https://www.pamatyklietuvoje.lt/pramogos/tapeliu-papludimys/7249

We really hope you'll enjoy our beaches. Have a wonderful summer's day by the lake or river without having to get too far away from Vilnius Old Town!