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Important information regarding COVID-19 (updated 18/01/2021)

June 3, 2020
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Updated: 18/01/2021

Travelling in Europe is possible, but quite complicated! In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 we have to be aware of what is going on and follow the news. The situation changes very quickly, so here you can find the most important recent announcements about restrictions & regulations in Lithuania regarding COVID-19. We hope this will help you to plan your trip to Vilnius sooner or later!

The situation in Lithuania is quite complicated at the moment as the number of COVID-19 cases increases a lot every day. The national quarantine is extended until 31st of January in Lithuania! Also, movement between regions within Lithuania will be limited until 31st of January

What you should know about regulations in Lithuania due to COVID-19

As the number of COVID-19 cases started growing rapidly in Lithuania, new measures are being introduced to fight the spread of the virus. National quarantine was declared all over Lithuania from 7th of November. It will last at least until 31st of January. 

Movement restrictions between regions within Lithuania were extended until 31st of January, 2021. You are only allowed to be in the municipality you live in. All unnecessary movement is restricted. Travelling from one municipality to another is allowed only for:

  • work; 
  • funerals of close relatives;
  • health care services;
  • go back to the place you are living;
  • going to the airport in another municipality if you have a ticket for the flight (going abroad from Lithuania is not limited!);
  • other important reasons that the officers will evaluate.

Do not forget to have some papers to show to officers proof of your reason of travelling. This is valid for for travelling by your own transport as well as public transport!

You can still move within your own municipality, however it is also limited. You can go out for shopping, health reasons, work if required, etc. You are also allowed to go for a walk with the people you live with! However close contacts with others should be avoided.

Here are other restrictions, guidelines and recommendations by Lithuanian authorities how we should continue fighting the spread of COVID-19 under quarantine:

->  Hotels are allowed to work;

-> All outdoor and indoor, public and private events in public places are temporarily cancelled;

-> Bars, pubs, restaurants, cafes and other catering establishments are also closed, however you can take away food or beverages;

-> Wearing masks is mandatory everywhere in public places inside and outside:

-> Leisure, entertainment, cultural, sport establishments are closed;

-> Most not essential shops are closed;

-> All the services where is contact with people is temporarily forbidden (like beauty salons, hairdressers, etc.) except the ones that take less than 15 minutes.

-> Supermarkets, pharmacies, optical shops, orthopedic shops & veterinary shops  are open, but limiting numbers of visitors;

-> Groups of no more than 2 people are allowed to be in public places (except one family members).

To put it short, even if you come to Lithuania right now, there will not be much to do:) You can find all the restrictions on the official website to stop the spread of COVID-19 KORONASTOP.LT Just note that it takes sometime to update all the information in English after it is approved!

Vaccination started in Lithuania, the same as all over Europe. As of 17th of January, 46923 people were vaccinated. The first people to get the vaccine are the ones working in the frontlines with COVID-19 patients - doctors, nurses and volunteers. There is a plan to vaccinate all the medical staff, pharmasists, elderly people during the first quarter of 2021. The vaccination of others should start during the second and third quarters of 2021.

Travelling to Lithuania

Planes in Vilnius airport

Even though nationwide quarantine was declared, travelling to Lithuania is still possible. However you should note it is not recommended. Lithuania is not doing very well to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the country. Currently the number of cases is very high every day. Also new movement regulations & restrictions apply from 16th of December, 2020 until 31st of January, 2021

Every Friday Lithuania announces the list of highly affected countries and regions within EU/EEA and the UK. If you come from the countries that are on that list, you will be required to self-isolate for ten days or have a negative COVID-19 test not older that 48 hours. This requirement takes effect on following Monday and is valid for the whole week. It means that if you want to travel to Lithuania next week, you can check on Friday if you will not need to self-isolate or have a negative COVID-19 test. At the moment restrictions apply to those countries and regions: Liechtenstein, Switzerland and all other countries outside EU/EEA and the UK. 

Due to new coronavirus strain in the UK and South Africa, special regulations apply to people coming from those countries. It is required to have a negative COVID-19 test not older than 48 hours upon arrival or register for a test in Lithuania within 24 hours after the arrival. Despite all that, 14 day self isolation is mandatory to avoid the spread of new coronavirus strain in Lithuania. It is possible to shorten self-isolation after 10 days by doing another COVID-19 test. 

If you come from any other country within EU/EEA and the UK, no restrictions apply to you. However you will have to register you arrival online  prior arrival! You will have to show the QR code (you will get it when registering your arrival online on the website of National Public Health Center under the Ministry of Health) before going to the plane, bus, ferry or train.  If you come by your transport you are still required to register within 12 hours by filling the same form online. This is required for absolutely everyone coming to Lithuania. You can check the newest information on the official website to prevent the spread of COVID-19

NB! Even there are no restrictions for most of European citizens to travel to Lithuania, you should be aware, that Lithuania is considered quite risky at the moment. Please check the regulations of your country. Check the official EU website.

If you are the citizen of one of the countries that Lithuania lets to come without required self-isolation and want to have a holiday abroad, you can start looking for flights to Vilnius. The airline companies like AirBaltic, Brussels Airlines, Finnair, Wizzair, Ryanair, LOT Polish AIrlines, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Lufthansa, SAS are renewing their flights to the capital of Lithuania. You can find all the newest information about flights to Vilnius airport

Flights to Kaunas airport were also renewed You can fly from Bergen, Eindhoven, Alesund, Stavanger and Turku with Wizzair! Ryanair is also planning to renew flights from July (Alicante, Dublin, Milan (MXP), Naples, Palma de Mallorca, Paphos, Rhodes and Shannnon). Information about the flights from/to Kaunas airport

Do not forget to check the regulations in your country before buying the tickets ;) Lithuania is a part of the Red group of countries (highly affected). European Union made a website with information about each country in Europe, where you can find all things you need to know before visiting that country. Check the official EU website. You can also check IATA Interntional Travel Centre website to see the restrictions & regulations all over the world.

COVID-19 cases in Lithuania. Statistics

As of 17th of January almost 1800000 tests were conducted in Lithuania. 

Confirmed cases: 167516
Active cases: 59683
Recovered: 104188
Deaths of people who had coronavirus, but it was not the main reason: 1200
Deaths caused by COVID-19: 2445

No. of cases per 100 000 people: 747.8 (as of 17th of January)

Vilnius free walking tours and other Vilnius City tours

WE ARE TEMPORARILY STOPPING ALL OUR REGULAR TOURS & PRIVATE TOURS. Please check the news. You can also find the latest news about our free walking tours in Vilnius and other regular paid Vilnius city tours on our Facebook page and Instagram stories

Until we are able to guide you around Vilnius again, we offer you to discover Vilnius from your sofa :) You are also welcome to inquire about options of private tours for future trips! 

Once we are able to start showing you around Vilnius, we will offer:

  • Vilnius Free Walking Tour (Old Town & Uzupis) (pay what you want) on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays at 12 pm from Vilnius Town Hall (Didžioji g. 31- on the stairs near the entrance to the tourism information centre) with pre-bookings (at least 2 people);

  • Vilnius free alternative walking tour (pay what you want) on Fridays & Sundays at 2 pm from Hales Market (Pylimo g. 58 - the guide will wait for you near the main entrance from Bazilijonų street)  with pre-bookings (at least 2 people);

  • Jewish Vilnius tour (12 EUR/person if you pay online; 15 EUR/person on the spot) - on Sundays at 10 am from Vilnius Town Hall (Didžioji g. 31-on the stairs near the entrance to the tourism information centre)  with pre-bookings (at least 2 people);

  • Soviet Vilnius Tour (12 EUR/person if you pay online; 15 EUR/person on the spot) - on Saturdays at 2 pm from Gediminas monument at the Cathedral square  with pre-bookings (at least 2 people);

  • Ghost Vilnius Tour (12 EUR/person if you pay online; 15 EUR/person on the spot) - on Saturdays at 5 pm from Gaono g. 1 (look for the guide with a yellow bag near the corner of Gaono/Universiteto streets) with pre-bookings (at least 2 people);

  • Kaunas free walking tour (pay what you want) on Saturdays at 12 pm from Soboras (Nepriklausomybes a. 14) with pre-bookings (at least 2 people);

You can also book private tours with our guides if you want to have more personalized experience. Find more information here: Private Vilnius City Tour.

NB! Please respect us and other travellers and do not join any of our tours if you feel any symptoms of COVID-19, if you have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19, or if you come from highly affected countries.

Last update:  18/01/2021

Korona stop - Official Lithuanian Government website
"Traffic light" map for affected countries of Europe
Vilnius airport
Kaunas airport

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