Cats of Vilnius

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Are you (crazy) cat person? Do you keep looking for them anywhere you go? Then this post is for you! Maybe Vilnius is not the most famous cat city in the world, but it has its’ share of fluffy creatures. So join me in the exploration of Cat Vilnius.

Let’s learn some basic vocabulary to talk about cats in Lithuanian:


A cat Katė (female) Katinas (male)
A kitten Kačiukas
Inviting cats to come

You can say “kis kis kis “(yes like a kiss, but very fast ) or “kac kac kac (might be kats kats kats)”

Cat meowing In Lithuanian is “miau”
Cat purring  In Lithuanian is “murr murr”









Cat cafe Vilnius – happy cats, happy people and delicious food

Cats in the cat cafe in Vilnius

Come to this Paw-some place alone or with friends, but do not forget to follow the cafe rules! Cats’ well-being is the main objective of this socially responsible business! Cat cafe not only serves good coffee – they also spread awareness about animal rights and help animal shelters to find Mew families for stray cats.

Address:  Gedimino av. 5, Vilnius  |  Website:  |  Working time: I-VI 11:00 – 22:00 ; VII 11:00 – 19:00 

Amber shop run by a cat

Sleeping cat in Vilnius

Well, officially “Altra Amber” workshop belongs to mother and daughter – both amber craftswomen and jewelers. However it’s their cat that usually Purr-suade people to enter the shop. Most likely you will find him sleeping in a window display or somewhere on amber jewelery. He is a Purrfect model too, because he cannot be bothered by admiration of passerby.

Address:  L.Gucevičiaus str. 13, Vilnius  |  Working time: I-VII 10:00 – 19:00

A sculpture “Cat” – definitely not a small kitten…

...because it weights 10 tones! This sculpture was built to commemorate Fa-meows Lithuanian prose writer, essayist, playwright and painter – Jurga Ivanauskaitė (1961 -2007). Why the cat, you might ask… Well join our Alternative tour, and my colleagues will tell you!

Address: Jurga Ivanauskaite Square, Vilnius  |  Sculptor: Ksenija Jaroševaitė

A sculpture of a cat visited on Vilnius free alternative walking tour

Since we started to talk about sculptures of cats, you should also visit

The monument to Zemakh Shabad.

A sculpture of a doctor and girl holding a cat on Jewish Vilnius tour

He was legendary personality – a Jewish doctor, social and political activist. The sculptural group depicts the doctor himself and a small girl holding ( you probably already guessed) a kitten. If you want to find out the Tail behind this monument you can call the doctor via Vilnius Talking Statues app or join our Jewish tour!

Address: Corner of Mėsinių str. and Dysnos str.  |  Sculptor: Romualdas Kvintas

OK, let’s leave Lithuania and continue our cat tour in Republic of Užupis! Their love for cats is officially declared in the Constitution of Užupis:

“Everyone has the right to love and take care of the cat.

A cat is not obliged to love its owner, but must help in time of need.”

Anyone who has a cat, can relate to this. But why those articles where included in to the most important document of Republic? Well, Foreign minister of Republic of Užupis and co-creator of the constitution, Tomas Čepaitis, loves cats. Simple as that.

Address: Paupio str. , Užupis, Vilnius

Keistoteka – a place to meet ambassador for Litter-a-ture

Ambassador cat in Uzupis

You might be surprised to find out, that this important post is held by a cat called Ponulis (Eng. Mister). The ambassador was appointed almost two years ago and his main task right Meow is to translate the constitution in to a cat language. How soon will we have the translation? Well, the ambassador is very busy with his daily naps, so probably we will have to wait.

Sadly, while writing this article, our beloved Mister Ambassador was tragically killed in front of his own shop. Community of Užupis and entire city of Vilnius is now in deep mourning. You can pay your respects at the Keistoteka.'

Address: Paupio str. 2, Užupis, Vilnius  |  Working time:I–V: 10:00 –19:00  ; VI–VII: 11:00 –18:00

A monument “Alcoholic” – well the cat seems fine…

Art in Uzupis

Užupis was always famous for it’s bohemian aura and interesting sense of humor. This sculpture was commissioned by the local bar owner to portray his clientèle. Purr-haps cats were frequent visitors of this establishment too? Maybe it is the ambassador of Litter-a-ture himself?

Address: Paupio str. 9/2, Užupis, Vilnius  |  Sculptor: Romas Vilčiauskas 

And last but not least, here are couple of locations, where you can meet some stray cats, napping on the cars or sidewalks: Užupis Art Incubator Galera ( Užupio str. 2, Vilnius) ; Literatai street, near the restaurant Saint Germain (Literatų str. 9, Vilnius).

I hope you enjoyed my little cat tour around Vilnius and Užupis. Let me know if you find more cats and cat related objects in Vilnius!

P.S. Paw-don me for all the cat puns

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-Ieva B.