Blog created at Last updated June 29, 2020

We've received so many questions from you of "how" "where" and "when" you can become the Ambassador of Užupis, that we decided we need to tell you all the truth about this remarkable opportunity! I am Ambassador to Their Highnesses (or Tall Ladies, as I am 188cm/ 6'2") of Užupis and I am glad to share my experience! 

Tall Ieva becoming the ambassador of Uzupis RepublicPicture of me and Thomas Chepaitis - the minister of Foreign Affairs in Užupis

First of all, you need to get to know Užupis, and of course the best way is to join our Old town and Užupis free walking tour, where you will learn why we (tour guides) love it, why locals love it and why you should love it too.

Secondly, you should decide what kind of talent and extraordinary knowledge or feature you have, or community you belong to, where you could share your love and knowledge about Užupis. Hereby you can find the list of other Ambassadors:

So as you understand, you cannot become one to Paradise, to Body Builders, to Scuba diving or to Blues/Rock Music any more, but Metal music is still available!!! As long as you are from Germany and there are plenty of Ambassadors (to Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt etc.) but you could still become one for Octoberfest, or for Bavaria, keep that in mind! Also, there is Ambassador to Good Taste, but Bad Taste is still on sale, so it's really up to your creativity and humour!

So who created it and who is responsible for this fun?

Author of the concept is the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Užupis based artist Thomas Chepaitis, who says: “I take all this seriously, but with humour, of course, because humour is a vital fluid of life. In some sense Ministry is my biggest happening or event, in which over 500 people are taking part now.”

Actually, to be exact, I am 530th Ambassador of Užupis, and numbers are growing every week, so I hope soon with your interest we will have as much as 1000? Right? So approaching Thomas Chepaitis would be the smartest thing to do. He is sometimes in Užupio Kavinė during the daytime, or Špunka in the evenings, he is also available for the coffee in Coffee1 if you approach this very bearded beautifully - minded man. The best way to reach him is via Facebook, one of Thomas Chepaitis will definitely respond you there. Not necessarily quickly, but that's the best way to share your ideas. But soon there will be an opportunity to throw the suggestions and your candidacies through his window in Paupio str. 13, just look for the information plaque "Apply for Ambassadorship". Moreover, starting from October Thomas Studio might be available on AirBnB for a stay tuned if you plan your trip in the autumn!

We have a saying in the region "Small gifts maintain friendship" so don't worry, in Užupis it's legal to bribe Ministers, but only in very creative ways :)

As Užupis constitution says - Everyone has the right to be unique - so here is your chance. By the way, if in Užupis Wall of Constitution you still cannot find your language - also approach Thomas Chepaitis - he will tell you how it is all done and how much money is still needed. 

Reading the constitution of Uzupis

So what do you get to do when you become one?

It's once again up to you. The guidelines says that primary duties of ambassadors are "to represent Užupis Republic in their country, spread our Constitution, write articles, make ties for artistic exhibitions and events, visits of Užupis people to their country, and their citizens to Užupis. Ambassadors get a right to lecture and study in Užupis University (it’s a life-long study) , and to share their worldview and lifestyle with us." But your ideas can be written on the credentials and they can be as serious or humorous as you wish, hereby is mine.

Ambassador of Uzupis Repulic to your Highnesses

So this title is for life and it comes with a cost, but it's nothing compared to the fame and glory! Be ready for amazing 1st of April Independence celebrations and Ambassadors meetings, Parliament meetings on Monday evenings if you want to share your ideas, learn Užupis Anthem, and, of course, Do Not Defeat, Do Not Fight Back, Do Not Surrender! Then and only then you can expect to get the Highest Diplomatic Award - Ordain of the Silver Garlic Bullet. Wish me luck in receiving one in December! And if you need more information, check Užupis website.


Hope to meet you on 1st of April,
Her Excellency and Your Highness,
Ambassador to Their Highnesses
Ieva K.