Vilnius Free tour recommends: guide to the BEST BEER BARS in Vilnius

Blog created at Last updated June 29, 2020

Summer is coming to an end, but the evenings are still warm and lovely, you feel like a pint of beer but don’t want to end up in a touristy place drinking some beer that tastes the same no matter which country you’re in?

You’ve come to the right place - this blog post aims to present you 5 beer bars in Vilnius with the most distinct character and with the wide selection of locally brewed beers.

Dėvėti (which means Second hand store in Lithuanian)

Located in a quirky but up and coming Train Station neighborhood in Vilnius is one of the kind and has a lot to offer - the owner himself pours you a pint, while an old boombox plays everything from Bruce Springsteen to Tupac. The atmosphere is completely laid back, you can sit outside and watch old trolleys from the Soviet era pass by.

Dėvėti recently started serving food, and, rumor has it, they have the best pizzas and falafels in town.

You simply need to check this place out for the local chill vibe, pizza and their wide selection of both locally brewed and international beers.

One of the best beer bars in Stotis district - Deveti bar

Photo Dėvėti, Facebook:


Tucked away in Užupis (and two more spots in the Old Town), this bar is a must-visit if you’re looking for local vibe and local beers. It's a place built on it's regulars, which is a mixture of locals, expats and travellers and has a strong community atmosphere. The bar serves Dundulis beer, which is a small beer brewery from the north of Lithuania and known for using ancient ways (even from the pagan times) to make homemade type of beer. Once you’re there, make sure to try Gutstoutas (stout) and / or Humulupu IPA,  the heaven in your mouth!

A tiny cool Spunka bar - the best beer bar in Uzupis

Photo Ⓒ Spunka, Facebook:Špunka-Pub-462343780480954/

Alaus Biblioteka

Perfect place for intellectual beer lovers and a true library of tastes! This is one of the more refined choices which keeps the focus firmly on the beer. As you go up a flight of stairs in an old-town street you find bookshelves, wooden tables and a long bar with a huge selection of taps and knowledgeable staff to tell you about what's on them. A great place to enjoy a lovely pint, especially during the cold winter nights.

Waiting for the guests at beer library - a popular local beer bar in Vilnius for beer lovers

Photo Ⓒ Ieva Folk, Facebook:*F


The spacious industrial bar located right on the rail tracks, next to the train station is hipster hotspot of Vilnius. You can sit outside on the old Soviet train seats and watch the trains pass by or you can sit inside and enjoy louder music which differs every night - from electronic to good old disco tunes. Great place for those loving the concrete jungle and urban vibe.

One of the most popular hipster bars in Vilnius - Peronas full of people

Photo Ⓒ Peronas,*F


Good old Gringo! One of the most famous bar loved by the locals. Tiny cozy pub with great selection of beers and spirits, laid back atmosphere and great music. Oh and they broadcast sports games as well. Don’t be surprised - it gets very busy in the evenings and it’s open until wee hours. It is always a good idea to get a pint or two and talk to the locals in Gringo!

Gringo bar - popular sports bar in Vilnius city center

Photo Ⓒ Gringo,*F


You are not sure if you should leave tips to the bartenders, make sure to check out, our blog about tipping customs in Lithuania. 

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