Top 5 burger spots in Vilnius

Blog created at Last updated March 26, 2019

There are two types of people in this world: the ones who say „why to pay money for a meatball in bread” and the ones who simply love burgers. For the travelers who belong to the 2nd group of people, Vilnius has what to offer! These are 5 places where we recommend you trying burgers in our lovely town.

Uncle Sam’s American Pub

The best burgers in Vilnius

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Located in the heart of Vilnius Street, this pub has amazing decorations as well as the atmosphere. However, we are here not for the interior, but the menu of course. They have up to 10 different types of burgers all named according to the US states. Next to the chosen burger you can choose various side dishes as well as sauces. It is possible to dance in the pub that is why it gets crowded in the evenings starting from Thursday.

rePUBlic No.4

Located as well in the Vilnius Street, the pub is described as the real English pub. However, not only Fish&Chips can be found there, they also have a nice variety of burgers and bottled as well as tapped beer! The menu suggests us 7 types of different burgers, nice hot side dishes as well as different types of sauces. What is even better, the kitchen in this pub works until really late! So when you are walking down the street late in the evening and you see a moderately crowded place no matter which day of the week it is serving nice food - what else would you need for happiness? Sports? It is for sure on TV there!

Talutti Bakes 'n' Shakes

If you are calmly walking down the Vilnius Street and you see a line of people just the on the sidewalk, know that you are just next to one of the most popular restaurant nowadays - Talutti Bakes 'n' Shakes. The menu is totally worth the wait (of course if you are not super super hungry :)). The menu offers more than 10 different types of burgers – from traditional normal-sized beef burgers to … giant burgers with 1,2 kg of beef!

In case you are not yet full after the main meal (we suggest you firstly eating the main meal and only then ordering something else), the restaurant offers you amazing deserts!

One of the giant Talutti Bakes 'n' Shakes burgers. Picture: @maamounmoemen Facebook: Talutti Bakes 'n' Shakes burgers

Meat Lovers Pub

The pub that for sure is known to every meat lover in Vilnius is located in a nice and calm Šv. Ignoto Street. The choice of burgers in this place is pretty limited – they have only 3 types of burgers, nevertheless, they are more than amazing. Due to the fact that the place is quite small, it is pretty packed most of the time.

Drama Burger

The restaurant offers around 10 different types of burgers for all the burger-lovers! Located in two different places in the central Vilnius Gedimino Ave. 31 and Vokiečių Street 8 - the place will not dissapoint you!

Bonus place - Rosehip vagan bistro

A vegan burger with fries and salad in Vilnius       

Of course we cannot forget all those who don't eat meat! If you happen to be vegan that's a great place to go for any tipe of food. But their Mexican burger is something you cannot miss :)


Prices in all our recommended places are similar – starting from around 7 euros per burger and adding several more euros for the side dishes as well as sauces.

However, if you believe that the burgers will not surprise you – Vilnius with Locals offers you a unique experience – Food Tour! During the tour you are going to try different types of Lithuanian meals and drinks!