7 things to expect from Chernobyl series tour in Vilnius

Blog created at Last updated June 29, 2020

Hot news! Our Private Chernobyl Filming Locations Tour in Vilnius is ready and we are very excited to show you the best of it!

It’s not only the places you visit, but also hear many Soviet Tour stories covering the history, politics, KGB operations and paradoxes. You will hear many lies our country had to live through as well as lots of gossips from the movie set.

1. Did you know that Lithuania was highly affected by the radioactive cloud from Chernobyl and we learned about the explosion from Voice of America Radio?

The voice of America RadioPhoto: AUDIO ENGINEERING SOCIETY/ Wall Street Journal

2. Did you know that we have (decommissioned) Ignalina Nuclear Power plant with two RBNK-1500 reactors which you can visit?

RBMK Nuclear Power Plant in Lithuania

3. Did you know that with the same key you could unlock every third house door in the blueprint districts?

A typical Soviet district in Karoliniskes in Vilnius

4. Did you know that the jail Ulana Khomyuk was kept was actually KGB headquarters in Vilnius?

KGB museum building where Chernobyl miniseries were shot in VilniusPicture: © GO Vilnius

5. Did you know that Vilnius has a few impressive brutalist architecture examples that make you feel like you are small and unimportant? 

One of Chernobyl miniseries filming locations in VilniusPicture: © GO Vilnius

6. Did you know that director Johan Renck hates red color in film?

Visaginas - town built for workers of Soviet nuclear plantPicture: © DELFI/Andrius Ufartas

7. Did you know that there were concerts thrown for the liquidators, including Alla Pugacheva, Soviet music performer as famous as Madonna? 

                                              Alla PugachevaPicture: IMBD

This and many more interesting facts and stories in half-day city tour, which we were so excited to prepare. We even started recreating scenes from the miniseries! You want to make this shot?

One of Chernobyl miniseries filming locations in Vilnius


Of course you will only see Chernobyl in Chernobyl, Ukraine, but you will definitely catch the atmosphere in Lithuania, and will see now world famous locations with your own eyes.

If you want to know which sights are just decorations in the film, if you want to hear what good deeds the director decided to make for the Fabijoniškės district, if you wish to hear practical insiders jokes as well as serious still living people memories - this tour is designed for you.