Explore Vilnius with your kids!

Blog created at Last updated June 29, 2020

Vilnius does not have Disneyland and no world famous children book author lived here... But that doesn’t mean that you should dismiss Vilnius while planning your family holiday! We would like to give you a few ideas on how to spend some quality time with your kids in the capital of Lithuania. 

1. Walking around Vilnius Old Town was never so much fun!

On the first day in Vilnius you should go to the Tourist information center and grab a bright red “Vilnius for children” map or download it here. This city experience game has 15 spots with tasks dedicated to them, so you can create your own interactive walking tour! If you manage to visit all the points and finish the tasks your kids will be rewarded at the closest Information center! Fun isn’t? 

Go Vilnius map to discover Vilnius Old Town with childrenPicture: © GO Vilnius

2. How about a museum trip?

In recent years Lithuanian museums are spending a lot of time and energy making their expositions more interactive and family friendly. For example, Toy Museums’ collection contains both original and copies of the exhibits, so everyone can take and try the oldest toys and games known to humans! Also don’t miss a chance to visit The Bell Tower of Vilnius Cathedral. There you can interest kids in learning more about the history of the city while playing educational game Gediminas’ Dream, or meet the best local guide, pigeon of the tower, who is going to tell you some interesting facts about his home tower, the Cathedral Square and historical events that took place in it. If you have science buffs in your family, definitely leave some time for The Energy and Technology Museum, located in the first Vilnius Power Plant. The museum visitors not only learn about the industrial heritage of the city but also enjoy interactive science expositions. Another great destination is The Money Museum.  The Museum’s multilayer interactive exposition is not the only exciting thing there. A real crowd-puller is the world’s largest coin pyramid consisting of 1,000,935 coins, included in the Guinness World Records. While in the museum you will be able to try your hand at striking a souvenir plate or weigh every family member on a special scale, which tells their worth if they were made of gold, platinum or silver. By the way, the Money museum is free of charge. 

Toy museum in Vilnius Picture:  © Žaislų muziejus/ Toy Museum 

3. Now, for the Ice cream break! 

Everyone deserves ice cream after an intensive cultural program, don’t they? There are many great ice cream parlours in town and Lithuanians can be great snobs about it. Our country has a big milk industry, so we expect nothing less than high quality natural products in our favourite dessert! But not to flood you with a great list of places to visit, we will mention only few: 

Fionos cukrainė has great gelato with less sugar. In summer you can find their freezers in a few places around the center, for example next to the main entrance to Bernardinai Garden. 

Ice cream at Fionos Cukraine in VilniusPicture:  © Fionos  cukrainė

Italala Caffè can interest you not only with good ice cream. Some seats inside the cafe are actual swings! 

Coffee1 is located next to the Užupis Angel and also makes their own ice cream. 

And if you are up for a taste challenge why not to try something unique? For example Ice cream with legendary Džiugas cheese, or ice cream with lavender or gorgonzola (we can’t promise your kids will like them)?

4. Too much energy?

If ice cream gave you too much energy, you can easily burn it in playgrounds located all around the city center (simply use google maps and search for “Playground”), probably the biggest one is located in the Bernardine Park not too far from the musical fountain. Want something a bit more extreme? Why not climb the trees at Uno Parkas Adventure Park, which features special tracks for all age groups, or go for tobogganing in Liepkalnis park. However, if the weather is not great, there’s always an option for an indoor trampoline park - SKY park

Picture:  ©Liepkalnis

5. Some magical places? Vilnius is full of them!

Ok, so we talked quite a lot about different kinds of activities you can do with your family. But how about a simple joy of discovering magical places, where all your dreams can come true? You don’t have to wait for your birthday, or a shooting star to make a wish. In Vilnius you can do it 24/7 while spinning on a Miracle plaque located next to the Bell Tower of Vilnius Cathedral. Just make sure that you spin 3 times clockwise for 1 wish. Riding a unicorn is also not a thing of dreams - just visit Galera at the Republic of Užupis to meet him. While you are still in the Republic take some time to visit a sculpture of a fearless cat. It is said that if you touch her ear, all your fears will go away! And wherever you go, always keep an eye for a small white angel. Did you know that Vilnius is home for more than 200 angels sitting on the rooftops, hiding in the courtyards and everywhere you might imagine?

Picture:  ©Republic of Užupis Information Centre

So here you go. Some ideas and inspirations for a wonderful family time in Vilnius! And if you have any particular interest - contact us. We will be happy to answer any of your questions!