The best viewpoints in Vilnius or where should you admire a sunset

Blog created at Last updated July 10, 2019

Vilnius is located in the valley of two rivers and surrounded by many hills. And let’s not forget all the church towers and new skyscrapers. So there are many amazing and romantic viewpoints in our lovely city. You can spend couple of days while exploring them all! So in this blog post we decided to help out and comprise a list of the best places, you just can’t miss. 

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1. THE HILL OF THREE CROSSES (Entrance from T. Kosčiuskos g.)

The panoramic view of Vilnius

Picture: © GO Vilnius

Come here to experience one of the most romantic spots in Vilnius, where most of the Old Town will be visible. The hill is named after the Three Crosses that stand on top of it, which were created by architect and sculptor Antanas Vivulskis. The original crosses were demolished in 1950 by the Soviets, but the monument was rebuilt in 1989.

2. SUBAČIAUS LOOKOUT (Subačiaus g.)

Between the streets of Paupio and Subačiaus, close to the site of an old monastery with its gardens and ponds, lies the Subačiaus lookout. Come here for a panoramic view of both new and old Vilnius with the Užupis quarter in sight – which has served as an inspiration for many painters and photographers. There is a cafe there as well, so you can enjoy a hot or cold drink with some tasty pastries while you are there. Nearby, you’ll find the Church of the Ascension of the Lord - a true Baroque jewel in Vilnius.

3. TAURAS HILL (V. Mykolaičio-Putino g. 5)

Also known as Devil’s Hill or Ghost Hill, Tauras Hill is where Baltic religious holidays were celebrated a long time ago. The panoramic view atop the hill is truly enchanting. Climb the stairs that go up from Pamėnkalnio Street and soak in the view of Vilnius’ old and new architecture. The TV Tower, the district of Žvėrynas and the high-rises in the new city center are all visible from here.

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4. SKYBAR (Konstitucijos pr. 20) |

Located on the top floor of a high-rise hotel Radisson Blu, the cocktail bar Skybar offers some of the most beautiful panoramic views of the city, including Gediminas Tower, the Cathedral, Old Town and bends along the river Neris. Best time to visit it - at sunset to fully appreciate the warm, orange skies of Vilnius. 

5. TV TOWER Sausio 13-osios g. 10

The Vilnius Television Tower is the tallest building in Lithuania at 326.5 meters high, and is an immediately recognizable fixture on the cityscape. visitors can go up to a revolving circular observation platform, which on clear days, provides spectacular views across the whole city as well as Elektrėnai – a city 25 miles west, which powered much of Vilnius’ electricity during the Soviet days.



Climb 140 wooden stairs that have been in use since the 19th century - you'll reach a panoramic terrace located 50m above the street level and have an excellent view of the city. To make this climb even more exciting we recommend to visit the belfry at noon or 5PM to witness the ringing of hundred year old bells. Probably there is no need to say – it’s very loud!!

7. GEDIMINAS' TOWER (Arsenalo g. 5) |

Gediminas tower on Gediminas hill - a perfect spot for a panoramic view of Vilnius

Picture: © GO Vilnius

Gediminas' Tower marks the spot where the Vilnius Upper Castle once stood. While the tower is not nearly as grand as the castle was, it still holds a special place in the hearts of locals and is a popular tourist spot, too. If you happen to be here at sunset, stand on the side of the hill facing the Neris River – you’ll get a good view of Vilnius’ skyscrapers.


Sts. Johns' church belltower is great for a panoramic view of Vilnius Old Town

Picture: © A. Bobbit

You can see spectacular panoramas from the viewing deck on top of Vilnius University’s St. Johns’ Church Bell Tower. This is the highest building in the Old Town, and lets you enjoy a 360-degree view of
the city center and nearby districts. The best thing about this tower – it has an elevator, so you have an option to skip climbing the stairs.

9. THE BASTION OF VILNIUS CITY WALL or the hill behind it (Bokšto g. 20) |

It is believed that the bastion was built in the 17th century as part of Vilnius’ defensive wall, which protected the town from enemies from the east. This is a great spot to see the Old Town’s church spires. The dome of St. Casimir’s church with the crown on top looks truly majestic from here. It is also where you can snap shots of hot air balloons taking off from the field at the bottom of Bastion Hill. Gediminas’ Tower, the Orthodox Church of the Blessed Mother of God and the district of Užupis are all visible from here too.

Outside of Vilnius center

10. LIEPKALNIS ( Minsko pl. 2) |

Liepkalnis is the highest point in Vilnius (235m above sea level) and is protected as part of Pavilniai Regional Park. Its elevation made it a good candidate for the town's airport and you may well see airplanes up close on approach to landing. From here, you’ll get a view of the hills in Ribiškės and a panorama of Vilnius, including the Old Town, the Hill of Three Crosses, and the TV Tower. Far in the north and west, the Soviet-era residential districts will also be visible.


A panoramic view from Puckoriu atodanga close to Vilnius

Picture: © GO Vilnius

The Pūčkorių exposure is a unique geological monument, the highest and the most impressive exposure in Lithuania. Its height exceeds 65 meters. It provides a spectacular views across the Pavilniai Regional park and the valley of the Vilnia River. Especially beautiful on spring or autumn, when the colors are the most bright.