What to do in Vilnius in September

Blog created at Last updated August 26, 2020

As we transition from summer to autumn, the city of Vilnius invites all its guests to check out the local events for September. Experience the life of Vilnius by attending free concerts, running a marathon or just by grabbing a snack in the courtyard of a former factory! If you are wondering what to do in Vilnius this September, we suggest checking out these Vilnius events:

The Vilnius City Fiesta
Loftas fest ’20
Culture Night

Open Kitchen
Marathons (runs)
Fireworks Festival "Vilnius Fejerija"
Our Tours

1. Vilnius City Fiesta (The Vilnius Capital Days Festival)

Where? Various venues around Vilnius.
When? From 4 to 6 September.
How much? Free admission.

This is the weekend that us, Vilnius locals, are very excited for each year! That’s because the city gives us and city guests 3 days of free entertainment. Wonderful concerts, sports games, art and food fairs, installation art pieces and much more will be waiting for you on the weekend of 4-6 September. We hope to run into you on one the streets of Vilnius Old Town!

More info: here.

Concert at Vilnius City FiestaSource: https://madeinvilnius.lt/

2. Loftas fest ’20

Where? Arts factory “Loftas”.
When? From 10 to 13 September.
How much? Free admission.

One of the other great things to do in Vilnius in September would be to attend a festival. Loftas fest is a contemporary art and music festival held in the city. A great thing about it is that this year it’s completely free! The three days and two nights of the festival are going to be filled with the sounds of alternative music, the smell of freshly made street food and the walls of Open Gallery are going to be decorated with new street artworks.
By the way, we tell you all the interesting stories behind Loftas and Open Gallery during our Free Alternative Vilnius Tour. Join us if you’d like some history before attending Loftas fest ‘20! 

More info: here.

People dancing at Loftas Fest ©Loftas

3. Culture Night

Where? Various venues around Vilnius.
When? 25 September.
How much? Free admission.

If you consider yourself a night owl, then this Vilnius event is perfect for you! During the evening of 25 September, the city will become “sleepless” and the parks, squares and many “unusual” spaces of Vilnius will host lots of musical and theatrical performances, creative workshops, art exhibitions and much more. The organisers promise many surprises for people of all ages! All of the events will be free of charge, but full of creativity and inspiration.

More info: here

People watching a film at Culture Days FestivalSource: https://vilniausgalerija.lt/

4. Open Kitchen

Where? Arts factory “Loftas”.
When? Every Friday (from 5 pm to 12 am) and Saturday (from 12 pm to 10 pm).
How much? Free admission, food from around 5€.

Open Kitchen is a funky street food market in the open air. This might sound ordinary, but don’t be mistaken - Open Kitchen is where all the hipsters, as well as families come for a lovely street food dinner, a drink and generally a really fun evening with music played by different bands or DJ’s. This year Open Kitchen has changed location from Užupis to Naujamiestis (New Town), so this Vilnius up-and-coming neighbourhood will definitely shape the new face of this locals’ beloved food fiesta. Plus, everything at Open Kitchen tastes awesome, come and see for yourself! (The organisers promise to keep the event going until it’s warm enough outside, check their FB page for updates.)

More info: here.

People at Open KitchenSource: https://www.govilnius.lt/

5. Marathons (Runs)

As the weather gets chillier, Vilnius in September becomes sportier than ever! This month, there are at least three big runs happening. All different, all awesome in their own way:

  • The Color Run Vilnius 2020
    Where? Vingis park.
    When? 6 September.
    How much? From 3,99€ (children) to 24,99€ (glow-for-gold starter pack). Regular starter pack - 19,99€. Check the prices here.

This is the ultimate run which proves that active lifestyle is really fun! For those who have never heard of it: you start the 5 km run wearing a white T-shirt, but finish it “wearing” all colors of the rainbow, because you get showered with colored powder on your way. Another great thing about this run is that there are no winners and losers, you finish the run whenever you can and go straight to the color run party!

More info: here.

People at Color Run

  • Insane Run 2020
    Vingis park.
    When? 11 September.
    How much? Single entry - 18€. Learn more about the prices here.

This is a crazy extreme run, during which you’ll experience Sahara-desert-like heat, arctic cold, hurricane winds, the vastness of space and much more! This adventure-packed run is only 3.5 km long, but don’t underestimate it - you’ll surely remember this insane run for the rest of your life.

More info: here.

  • Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon
    Different tracks have different starting points. Check here.
    When? 12-13 September.
    How much? Depends on the track you choose. Check the prices here.

Last, but not least - Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon. It’s not only a marathon - it’s a huge celebration of active lifestyle! There are many tracks for you to choose varying from 1 km to the full marathon of 42.2 km and many other events will take place on the weekend of the marathon. If you’re either a running enthusiast or a beginner, we hope to meet you in Vilnius Old Town for a run!

More info: here.

6. Fireworks Festival “Vilnius Fejerija”

Where? Vingis park.
When? 19 September.
How much? Tickets from 14,9€ to 39€.

If you find yourself thinking what to do in Vilnius on 19 September, look no further. “Vilnius Fejerija” is an annual fireworks festival, but it has a lot more to it than just pyrotechnics. The programme includes lasers, lights, projections, fire and fireworks. The firework shows themselves will be accompanied by different kinds of music varying from Ludwig van Beethoven to today’s pop hits. And that’s not it: the festival also includes a live music performance and a party with a DJ. This event will be a delight to both your eyes and ears

More info: here.

Fireworks in the sky

7. Our Walking Tours

Where? Vilnius.
When? Whichever time you choose by pre-booking a tour, check here.
How much? Depends on the tour, but do not forget that we offer two free tours - pay whatever seems reasonable to you. 

Finally, we invite you to join our walking tours! One of the best things to do in Vilnius is to discover the city by meeting locals and our local guides are waiting for you every single day. Can’t decide which tour to take? Check this blog post out, pick the tour that suits your interests the most, pre-book it and let’s meet up!

More info: here.

Our tour guides laughing

These are just a few suggestions on what to do in Vilnius in September, but we’re more than excited for all of these events and we hope you will be, too! The hustle and bustle of the streets certainly won’t stop after the summer’s over, so join us for all this entertainment in the first month of autumn!