The Best Food Markets in Vilnius

Blog created at Last updated June 29, 2020

1. Hales Market

Address: Pylimo g. 58, FB: Youngs’ Club

One of the best local markets in Vilnius - Hales Market

Reviving old school market where everyone can be surprised. First of all, ask the ladies (usually) to taste local bacon, pork fat, dried beef sausages, black bread and honey. Most vendors don’t speak English but sign, eye and smile language will help. Try French type cheese with lovely lady at THE ROOTS and refresh with fresh juices made by Juice Queen. Also try local potato dish at CEPAI (cepelinai), wonderful traditional bagel at BEIGELISTAI or just look for the day soup or lunch deal (business lunch) in various small shops. Prices and quality will not disappoint. The best part of this place is that on Friday and Saturday nights you can really come to a very good disco party in YOUNGS’ CLUB, have Jamaican jerk chicken at WINGIS and dance next to the cheese refrigerator.

NB! Closed on Mondays.

2. Downtown Food hall & Kino deli

Address: Smetonos g. 5, FB: Downtown Food Hall & Lounge 

Trendy Food Market in the Downtown of Vilnius can please all taste buds - Burger Lover (BURGER KIOSK), vegetarian (HOLIGANS and ZATAR), pizza (PIZZA VERDE) or asian food lover (PINGPONG), sweet tooths (FIONOS CUKRAINĖ) and many more. Food+Bar+Cinema really doesn’t sound like a boring place. Really cool Kino deli programme in a very David Lynch cinema hall could be a great option for a rainy evening.

NB! NO CASH in this place.

3. Uptown Bazaar

Address: Kauno g. 16, FB: Uptown Bazaar

The second really cool Food Bazaar lives in the trendy Station District. They say you can explore 623 different tastes under one roof, so if after a wild night you can’t decide what do you want - you will definitely find that ‘something’ in here. From perfect coffee (KAVOS ERA) to amazing seafood (JŪROS BJAURYBĖS), from pancakes (HOLL & PANCAKES) to ramen (RAMENAS IR PAGALIUKAI), from Mexico (DONDE TAQUERIA) to Thailand (BANKOKO).

4. Benedikto Market

Address: Ukmergės g. 259A, FB: Benedikto turgus

Benedikto Market in Vilnius

If you are up to the adventure to leave the city centre, visit Soviebuilt Sleeping district where HBO Chernobyl was filmed - visit Benedikto Market. The biggest modern marketplace in Vilnius with great burgers (BURGER STREET), bbq (MĖSOS CECHAS), vietnamese kitchen (COM VIET) and many local foods, pastries and smells.

5. Kalvarijų Market

Address: Kalvarijų g. 61, FB: Kalvarijų turgus

Kalvariju market in VilniusRecently renovated, but you still can find an old-school atmosphere here. Take the Czechoslovakian trolleybus to Kalravijų stop and discover people and things, from fresh autumn harvest and mushrooms to flea market, it will not disappoint a professional photographer or a traveller who wants to meet elderly locals.