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Blog created at Last updated June 29, 2020

Yes! Definitely yes! 

Do you know the feeling when traveling become less plesurable because you have to leave your beloved doggo at home?

If you are planning to visit Lithuania (or Riga and Tallinn too, as they are also very pet friendly cities ) you don’t have to worry about it! Take your best friend with you, Vilnius is perfect for that!

A sculpture of a dog in Vilnius on Gedimino avenueSource:© DELFI (G.Karpavičiūtė,)

Travelling to Vilnius:

If you’re taking your dog with you, you are probably panning on coming here by car, and surely that’s the best option. However, you may fly here as well, but surely you have to note the rules of each airline – e.g. cheap airlines do not accept dogs on board. The largest number of flights is operated by the dog-friendly Air Baltic, but there are also regular flights with other dog-friendly airlines such as Lufthansa, SAS and LOT.

Public Transport in Vilnius:

If you do need to take public transport in Vilnius, pets travel on its public transport for free. Pets need to travel in a special container, otherwise they need to be on a leash (maximum length 0.5m), wear a muzzle and have their vaccination papers. Read the full rules ( 

We know we know, sounds very serious but in the reality dogs are very welcome on the public transport and if they are on the leash and behave nicely, you won’t have any problems. The same goes for taking your dog on the train. You need to buy a ticket for the dog, have it on the leash and off you go!


Again, Vilnius is a dog friendly city, therefore you won’t have a problem to find a place to stay, just check airbnb, and you will find something lovely. Here are few places to conisder:

1. ibis Vilnius Centre*

2. Comfort Hotel LT - Rock 'n' Roll Vilnius*

3. Bernardinu B&B House*

4. Downtown Forest Hostel & Camping*

Out and about:

What it comes to eating out, going for coffee, spending an evening at a bar - feel free to take you four legged companion with you because in most of the places your dog will be more than welcome. Sure, if you are going on a fine dining dinner to a fancy place you may want to leave your doggo at the hotel / apartment, but as for ordinary places, you won’t have any problem, we promise. 

If you’re still not sure, whether you should take your dog with you when going out, look for a sticker with a paw on a door of a bar, restaurant or any other place – the paw sticker indicates that the place is for sure dog friendly.

You may also find the entire list of places in Vilnius that are dog friendly here.


                            Dog Friendly places sign

There are these guys in Vilnius who make ice cream (Ice Dunes) and they even do the Ice cream for dogs, so when you come here, make sure your furry friends gives it a go! 

Ice cream for dogs in VilniusSource:

Walking (tour)

Oh did we also mention that Vilnius is a very green and walkable city? It is indeed very chill and relaxed place with a lot of greenery all around – lovely parks and squares, hills with panoramic views so again, your dog can walk everywhere with you! And of course, don’t forget to join Vilnius Yellow Free Walking Tours, we all love dogs here, therefore they are welcome to do a sightseeing and learn a bit about history and present day of Lithuania together with their owners.

Dog friendly tours in Vilnius

Did you know?

Lithuania has it’s own dog breed and its called The Lithuanian Hound, It is a rare, medium-size hunting dog from Lithuania. It is sturdy and heavy-boned, but at the same time sleek and muscular. It has a short black coat, it was bred to assist in hunting of rabbits, boars, and foxes. You will also find a sculpture dedicated to the breed right in the heart of Vilnius, on the way to climb the Gediminas Hill.

Sculpture of three dogs in VilniusSource: 

Need some inspo?

Vilnius is a home to many lovely furry friends. You can check this super cool Instagram accound Dogs of Vilnius and to get to know some of them better. 

So think no more, get your dog, come visit Vilnius and have fun!


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