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What to Do on a Rainy Day in Vilnius?

October 9, 2018
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Welcome to Lithuania, the country of rain. Even the name Lithuania (Lietuva) comes from the word “rain” (lietus). Most likely it will be rainy here during your stay in Vilnius or anywhere else in Lithuania. My first suggestion would be to join our tours, because rain or shine, we wait for you every day! But if you can’t stand the wet weather, this is what you can do in Vilnius on a rainy day:


Visit museums for history and culture lessons without getting wet! There are a lot of them and they are really cheap. Prices vary from 2 EUR to 10 EUR. But if you're a student, bring your ISIC card - it gives you 50% discount for almost all museums! You can also consider getting a Vilnius Pass card, which helps save money if you plan to visit lots of museums.

Keep in mind that most of them are closed on Mondays. Check the list of Vilnius museums here.

Museum of Occupations and Freedom Fights

Malls (cinema, ice skating, etc.)

In Lithuania shopping malls are also centres of entertainment, so they are one of the top places for having fun and staying dry. The biggest mall in Vilnius is called Akropolis, just like the famous ancient citadel in Athens. Inside you can find many shops and restaurants, a bowling alley, a cinema (most movies are in English) and even an ice skating rink! One session of 45 min costs around 4 EUR. Akropolis is easy to reach by public transport, just catch the bus No. 53 in the city centre and get off at "Šeškinės kalvos". Find Akropolis on Google maps here or check other Vilnius malls here.

Other Indoor Activities

If, on the other hand, you don't feel like hiding from the rain at the mall, there are plenty of other perfect activities, especially if you're travelling with a group of friends:

  • test your patience at escape rooms (escape room on Totorių st. in Vilnius Old Town, horror escape room on J. Jasinskio st. in Vilnius city centre, escape room on Geležinkelio st. by the train and bus station);
  • catch a movie at the cinema. As most of the films in our cinemas are in their original language, you'll have no trouble finding one in English or maybe even in your native language! There are two great cinemas in Vilnius Old Town - Pasaka and Skalvija;
  • compete in a game of airsoft, laser tag or paintball;
  • roller skate at an indoor rink (rink in Viršuliškės neighbourhood; you can get there by public transport - bus No 54 will get you the closest if you're departing from the station. Or just simply use Trafi app to plan your route by setting the destination as "Moon Play");
  • feel as though you're on a tropical island by going to the Vichy Water Park. Bus No 53 will get you the closest if you're departing from the station. Or just simply use Trafi app to plan your route by setting the destination as "Vichy Vandens Parkas";


Discovering Vilnius through Food

You have plenty of restaurant choices in Vilnius - from the ones focused on traditional Lithuanian food to fully vegan restaurants or cuisines of lands as far away as the Caribbean! So if it's raining outside treat yourself to a nice long dinner at a local restaurant or come to our Food Tour and have a taste of Vilnius with our professional guides telling you all the weird stories about our food and denying the false myths of our traditional cuisine.

Meeting locals

The best way to meet locals is to come to our tours! If you've already done that, but you want to make more local friends, there is another way. Don't worry, I’m not talking about dating apps. I’m talking about Couchsurfing. You can find people who have the same interests as you do and invite them to meet up! If you are too shy to contact someone personally, there is an even better option - every Friday the Couchsurfing community organises meetings in Vilnius and every time they happen in different places.

Relaxing in Vilnius

If you're just too tired to wander around in the rain, take a chill day in Vilnius! There's a top-ranked Thai Massage salon in the Old Town, a floating studio right in the city centre and many spas and saunas all aroud town. The earlier metioned Vichy Water Park also has many saunas as well as great pools, of course.
A couple enjoying a hot tub

Theatre, concerts

For those who like cultural activities, I would definitely suggest going to the theatre or concerts. There are quite a few theatres in Vilnius: National Opera and Ballet Theatre, National Drama Theatre, Vilnius "Lėlė" theatre (doll theatre), Youth Theatre, Russian Drama Theatre and some smaller ones. You can also come to concerts in places such as the National Philharmonic Society, church of St. Catherine or even in more unusual spaces around Vilnius. Just check the information about events and shows online here.

Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre

Basketball Games

As us, Lithuanians, call ourselves crazy for basketball and even consider it our religion, we definitely suggest going to a basketball match in Vilnius. Our basketball club is called BC Rytas and they play their home games at Siemens arena, which is the biggest one in Vilnius. Not only are basketball matches held there, but big shows and concerts also happen at Siemens arena. Check the programme here. But even though we love Vilnius very much, we would recommend going to the bigger Žalrigio arena in Kaunas for a more of a spectacular Lithuanian basketball experience.

A basketball hoop

Quiet Afternoon at a Library

Our National Library, named after the author of the first Lithuanian book, Martynas Mažvydas, has been recently renewed and the locals couldn't be happier and more excited about it! Grab your book or buy a book about Vilnius (check the recommendations here  below) and hide from the rain at the local library.

Book suggestions:

  • Vilnius. Wilno. Vilna. Three Short Stories - a wonderful history and fiction blend by Kristina Sabaliauskaitė;
  • Vilnius: City of Strangers - the fascinating history of our capital city by Laimonas Briedis;
  • Vilnius Poker - called one of the best Lithuanian books ever, it's a novel about the Soviet era in Vilnius.

Tourists in front of Lithuanian National Library


Taking a Day Trip

If you don't feel like exploring Vilnius Old Town in the rain, why not consider a day trip, maybe it's not raining in another part of Lithuania? As it is a reletively small country, almost nothing in Lithuania is too far away for a day trip. Visit towns such as Trakai, Kernavė, Druskininkai or Anykščiai, cities like Kaunas or Klaipėda, discover the wonderful nature of our national parks or spend half a day at the Lithuanian seaside. Check this blog post out and choose the best day trip destination for you!

Bird's eye view picture of KaunasBird's eye view picture of Kaunas

So, don't get disappointed if it rains during your stay in Vilnius - your trip is far from ruined. Whatever you choose to do on a rainy day in Vilnius, we truly hope it will help you see our capital city in a different, yet lovely light. As they say, you can't have a rainbow without a little rain! Just grab your raincoat and umbrella and jump to a rainy adventure in Vilnius!

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