Would you like to test some of the best Mountain biking trails in Slovenia?

Blog created at Last updated July 1, 2020

Does rushing up and down off-road dirt tracks in the middle of nowhere sound like fun? Of course it does. Because it is. Mountain biking is an exhilarating sport, which comes with a multitude of health benefits, both physical and mental. One of the main perks is the fact that it’s practiced in nature, giving it a unique combination of adrenaline rush and meditation. 

MTB in naturePicture: © Slovenia Holidays

Many European countries are quite big on mountain biking, and in terms of terrain, Slovenia has been placed high up on the list. The country’s rural areas come in a wonderfully wide range of possibilities.

Stunning scenery with an abundance of rolling hills, rugged slopes and thick forests present the perfect training ground for MTB enthusiasts. This wonderful sport can be enjoyed in a number of incredible Slovenian regions, and the best way of getting introduced to them is by joining a biking tour headed by a bunch of friendly, likeminded locals.

Cycling in LjubljanaPicture: © Slovenia Holidays

The first area to highlight is undoubtedly the Alps. Logically, this scenic place has an abundance of MTB-friendly locations due to its naturally hilly disposition. The unbelievably gorgeous Triglav National Park is home to Pokljuka, a high plateau with super nice MTB runs. Known for being the base for approaching the surrounding mountains, Pokljuka lies above lakes Bled and Bohinj, both of which can of course be reached by bike.

Then there’s Kranjska Gora, Slovenia’s most popular sports hub. It’s famous for the nearby Triple Border MTB Trail, which leads up to the “three-border” between Austria, Italy and Slovenia. The trail runs by the spring of the beautiful Sava River and the emerald wonder of Zelenci. This is a very demanding route, but as hard as it is, the rewards you reap in terms of adrenaline and accompanying panorama are more than worth it!  

Hidden up near the Karawanks, there’s Velika Planina. This place is great for mountain biking in every way. You can ride through the forest, zoom across pastures with grazing cattle and witness breath-taking views of the mountains while doing it. Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital, is a stone’s throw away, hence a MTB day trip to Velika Planina is always a cool idea. You’ll be back in the centre drinking a cold beer and sharing your adventure with friends in no time.

Ljubljana has nice MTB runs, too, you know. That’s right, the capital of Slovenia has superb hills in and around the city itself. In fact, a complex network of MTB trails is spread all over the wider Ljubljana area. These are easily accessible and vary from extremely demanding to lightweight-style runs.

Cycling in LjubljanaPicture: © Slovenia Holidays

If you ever decide on taking a MTB holiday to Slovenia or happen to be there on holiday, make sure to explore its insanely attractive countryside and have a go on the slopes it offers. It might not be the most well-known MTB destination, but anyone who’s tested the place out has left with nothing but unforgettable experiences.

So, put a helmet on your head and a smile on your face – let’s do this – Slovenia’s off-road MTB trails await!