Things to do in Vilnius

Top 5 Things to do in Vilnius for every traveller

October 1, 2018
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You arrived in Vilnius… took a taxi to your hotel or hostel… You checked in, took a nap… And now what? If you are one of those travelers who forgot to plan your first day in Vilnius, don’t worry! We are here to help you!

So if your time here is limited, here we offer TOP 5 things to do in Vilnius ☺

Vilnius free walking tour

We have been running this tour since 2009. During those years we squeezed most of the highlights of Vilnius old town, Užupis (a district of artists) and stories from local peoples’ lives into approximately 2 – 2,5 hours walk. It will give you a great introduction to the city, the local guides will tell you stories that you won’t find in Vilnius guide books and later you can come back to the visited places and explore them yourself.

Vilnius free walking tour starts every day at 10 AM & 12 PM (midday)  and the free alternative walking tour starts at 3 PM from Hales Market (Pylimo g. 58). The timetables might differ depending on the season, so check before coming to the meeting points ;) Look there for us with a yellow sign/bag or name tag. If you are interested to learn more about Lithuania and Vilnius, check out other tours we organise. Our professional guides in Vilnius will give you the best expereince in the city! 


Vilnius old town is full of beautiful courtyards so don’t make a mistake making circles around 3 main streets of Vilnius Old Town! There was a time when you could cross almost the whole area of the current old town only walking from one backyard to another. Try to find these places during your stay in Vilnius:

  • Alumnatas courtyard
  • Backyard of the Presidential palace
  • University courtyards

View points

There are a few places in Vilnius that provide a lovely panoramic view of the city. Probably, the most popular one is Gediminas hill. A legend says that the founder of Vilnius, Grand duke of Lithuania Gediminas, started building the city exactly from this point. Now the place is popular among both locals and foreigners.

The hill of three crosses – it is said that the first crosses appeared there to pay a tribute to Christian monks that came here in the 14th century to spread Christianity and who were brutally killed here by local Pagan Lithuanians.

Bell tower of St. John’s church – a 68 meters tower is the tallest building in Vilnius old town. For a fee of 2,5 euros you can get to the top of it for bird’s-eye view of Vilnius old town, visible from nowhere else. More information about the best viewpoints in Vilnius is here.


Vilnius is full of churches! Once our guides tried counting them all, so according to our calculations, there are approximately 30 of them in the old town. However, we know that most of the people that we meet on our tours are usually already tired of them. Still, we offer to visit at least one of them while you are in Vilnius. So if you have to choose that one, we recommend Sts. Peter and Pauls’ church. It’s a  masterpiece of Vilnius’s baroque and has more than 2000 little statues inside. 


Most of the museums in Vilnius are closed on Mondays and some on Tuesdays as well. Probably,  the most popular one here is KGB/genocide museum. Visit a building that was the headquarters of the KGB in Lithuania during the Soviet occupation and take an opportunity to learn about what Lithuania went through under the Soviet regime. However, there are a lot more. If you want to learn more about medieval history, check out Grand Dukes palace. Interested in art? MO museum or National Art Gallery is for you. Finally visit slightly random museums like Museum of Illusions, Money museum or Toy museum. You can find more detailed information about these museums here





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