Things to do in Vilnius

How to get from Vilnius to the Hill of Crosses
Blog created at May 20, 2020
Blog created by VilniusFreeTour

If you happen to be in Lithuania, don’t miss the chance to visit the Hill of Crosses. It’s more than a pilgrimage site. Many non-religious people come to Northern Lithuania to see thi Read more ...

The best viewpoints in Vilnius or where should you admire a sunset
Blog created at July 10, 2019
Blog created by VilniusFreeTour

Vilnius is located in the valley of two rivers and surrounded by many hills. And let’s not forget all the church towers and new skyscrapers. So there are many amazing and romantic viewpoi Read more ...

Why should you celebrate 6th of July?
Blog created at July 5, 2019
Blog created by VilniusFreeTour

Updated: July, 2020 Sad thing about Lithuanian national days is that most of them are celebrated in cold and rainy months. Not so many chances of family picnics and outdoor parties lasting the enti Read more ...

Is it safe to travel to Lithuania and Vilnius?
Blog created at June 12, 2019
Blog created by VilniusFreeTour

Personal safety is really important factor when choosing a travel destination. After all, you will be far away from home, in a new and unknown environment, with limited knowledge of local language or Read more ...

Top 5 Jewish history sites in Vilnius
Blog created at May 19, 2019
Blog created by VilniusFreeTour

Updated 22/10/2020 Before the WW2 Vilnius was known as Jerusalem of Lithuania and was the most important educational and cultural centre for the Jewish people in the region. Today Vilnius old Read more ...

Medieval Festivals in Lithuania
Blog created at May 9, 2019
Blog created by VilniusFreeTour

Haven’t you heard? Lithuania was the biggest country in Europe! Yes, it was back in 15thcentury, but we Lithuanians are still very proud of this fact. Maybe because of this reason every summer w Read more ...

Best places to enjoy nature in Vilnius!
Blog created at May 3, 2019
Blog created by VilniusFreeTour

Planning a spring holiday in Vilnius, but also want to enjoy the beauty of awaikining nature? Well you are in luck, because nearly half of Vilnius is green space - about 3 times more than Amsterdam, B Read more ...

What to know about Easter in Vilnius? And how to join celebrations?
Blog created at April 20, 2019
Blog created by VilniusFreeTour

Easter is finally here! For Lithuanians it is the time of awakening nature, arrival of spring and of course festivities, symbolizing the resurrection of Christ. In this post we will discus what you sh Read more ...

Tipping in Lithuania? What you should know before opening the wallet
Blog created at April 16, 2019
Blog created by VilniusFreeTour

So you just reached your destination with a taxi, or want to pay the bill at the restaurant. Price is clear, but what to do with a tip? Do locals expect it from you? Will they treat you differentl Read more ...