Things to do in Vilnius

Spring in Vilnius. What to do?
Blog created at March 19, 2022
Blog created by VilniusFreeTour

Slowly, but surely spring is coming back to Lithuania. Days are getting longer, the weather is mostly great and outdoor cafes start popping up everywhere. This is a magical time of the year when Read more ...

Important information regarding COVID-19 (updated)
Blog created at February 14, 2022
Blog created by VilniusFreeTour

The whole world is tired of the global pandemic. We have been living with a new virus for almost two years. Here you can find the most important recent information about restrictions &a Read more ...

Ieva B. suggestions on how to celebrate Vilnius b-day in 2022!
Blog created at January 25, 2022
Blog created by VilniusFreeTour

This year Vilnius birthday is going to be big! Since we were stuck inside last year everyone is extremely excited about this year's celebrations! Also it’s the last rehearsal before the 700t Read more ...

5 Things You Should Know about Užupis
Blog created at January 21, 2022
Blog created by VilniusFreeTour

If you’ve ever done any research on Vilnius, especially sightseeing in Vilnius, we are sure you’ve heard of the district of Užupis, in Lithuanian literally meaning “beyond the river& Read more ...

Happy Independence day, Lithuania! Again! | 2022
Blog created at March 10, 2021
Blog created by VilniusFreeTour

In light of the recent attack on innocent Ukrainian people, many Lithuanians feel that this Independence day (the full name is The day of restoration of Independence of Lithuania) is especially import Read more ...

Happy Birthday Lithuania - Lithuanian Independence day 2021
Blog created at February 13, 2021
Blog created by VilniusFreeTour

In a few days Lithuania will celebrate one of it’s birthdays. February 16 is the day of Restoration of the State of Lithuania. It is also known as one of the Lithuanian Independence Days. U Read more ...

6 places you have to visit in Lithuania
Blog created at February 1, 2021
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Are you planning to visit Lithuania in 2021? Or maybe you are just looking for a new destination to travel to. There are many interesting places to visit in Lithuania – from white sand dunes in Read more ...

Happy Birthday Vilnius!
Blog created at January 18, 2021
Blog created by VilniusFreeTour

One of the most important Vilnius events is coming up! On 25th of January Vilnius is celebrating it's 698th birthday. Let's learn how we know the exact date of Vilnius birthday and get so Read more ...

Best hiking trails in Vilnius and how to get there
Blog created at January 11, 2021
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New trail added on 11/01/2021 Vilnius (401 km²) is bigger than Paris (105,4 km² ) or Amsterdam (219,3 km²) by size, but only half a million people live in the city. What does that me Read more ...