Things to do in Vilnius

Best places to enjoy nature in Vilnius!
Blog created at May 3, 2019
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Planning a spring holiday in Vilnius, but also want to enjoy the beauty of awaikining nature? Well you are in luck, because nearly half of Vilnius is green space - about 3 times more than Amsterdam, B Read more ...

What to know about Easter in Vilnius? And how to join celebrations?
Blog created at April 20, 2019
Blog created by VilniusFreeTour

Easter is finally here! For Lithuanians it is the time of awakening nature, arrival of spring and of course festivities, symbolizing the resurrection of Christ. In this post we will discus what you sh Read more ...

Tipping in Lithuania? What you should know before opening the wallet
Blog created at April 16, 2019
Blog created by VilniusFreeTour

So you just reached your destination with a taxi, or want to pay the bill at the restaurant. Price is clear, but what to do with a tip? Do locals expect it from you? Will they treat you differentl Read more ...

Top 5 burger spots in Vilnius
Blog created at March 26, 2019
Blog created by VilniusFreeTour

There are two types of people in this world: the ones who say „why to pay money for a meatball in bread” and the ones who simply love burgers. For the travelers who belong to the 2nd Read more ...

Synagogues in Vilnius - what is so confusing about them?
Blog created at March 16, 2019
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Updated 23/11/2020 Until WW2 Vilnius was known as ‘Jerusalem of Lithuania’. At least one third of the people living in Vilnius were Litvaks – Lithuanian Jews. There were more than Read more ...

Sam’s top 4 picks of quirky Vilnius Coffee Shops
Blog created at January 30, 2019
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Whether early in the morning, in the mid-afternoon, or after a nice evening meal, nothing says va-va-voom to your body like a nice cup of coffee. Made even nicer when enjoyed in tasteful surroundings Read more ...

Cats of Vilnius
Blog created at October 16, 2018
Blog created by VilniusFreeTour

Are you (crazy) cat person? Do you keep looking for them anywhere you go? Then this post is for you! Maybe Vilnius is not the most famous cat city in the world, but it has its’ share of fluffy c Read more ...