What's the Best Time to Visit Vilnius?

Blog created at Last updated December 1, 2020

Wondering when’s the best time to visit Vilnius? That is a typical, yet essential question considering that Lithuania has four truly distinct seasons. The temperatures vary from the extreme 30°C in summer to freezing -25°C in winter, but these are usually above and below the norms. Anyways, what should you expect when visiting Vilnius in winter, spring, summer and autumn?

Visiting Vilnius in Winter

Lithuanian winter is extremely indecisive: it can start at the end of October or end only in May. However, for the past few years the temperatures during winter have risen, so much so that snow is becoming more and more rare in Vilnius during winter. Usually, the temperatures stay below or around 0°C. It rains or snows quite a lot, but the few sunny days we get over winter are so beautiful that they compensate for all the damage made before. 

WHAT DO I WEAR? If you plan to visit Vilnius in winter, a cozy warm coat and a good pair of waterproof winter shoes are essential and will keep you warm enough. Other important winter accessories, such as gloves, hats and scarfs, can be bought at souvenir stores all over Vilnius Old Town or at Christmas markets that make Vilnius super cosy and beautiful this time of year. Check our blog post on Christmas in Vilnius if you’d like to find out more.

Vilnius view in winter

Average winter temperatures in Vilnius in more detail:

December: -4°C; 0°C
January: -6°C; -1°C
February: -7°C; -1°C

Visiting Vilnius in Spring

We think it’s safe to say that this is the season Lithuanians wait for the most. Spring is a great time to visit Vilnius, too! The days get longer, the whole nature (which Vilnius is full of, by the way) starts blooming and we can finally enjoy more sunny days. If you’re a nature lover, you can check our post on Vilnius parks or best hiking trails, where you’ll definitely find the best places to admire the spring bloom in Vilnius.
As for the weather, most of March still tends to seem more like winter rather than spring in Vilnius (temperatures stay a bit above zero) and April & May, while warmer, may still present quite a few surprises, such as snow in the middle of May. Don’t get panicked, though. May might actually be one of the best months to visit Vilnius for the reasons mentioned above and for all the events that start to make the city more lively and ready for summer. 

WHAT DO I WEAR? If you plan to visit Vilnius in spring, don’t forget to pack a warm sweater together with your coat, as the weather is extremely changeable. Warm shoes are still recommended for March sightseeing in Vilnius, while in April and May comfortable trainers should be enough. Also, we surely advise you to carry a small umbrella with you during your stay here.

Spring bloom in Vilnius

Average spring temperatures in Vilnius in more detail:

March: -3,5°C; 4°C
April: 2°C; 12°C
May: 7°C; 18°C

Visiting Vilnius in Summer

Each season is beautiful in its own way. However, summer is the time when Vilnius has the most to offer, especially to tourists: outdoor cafès and bars, open-air concerts, art & music festivals and other Vilnius events. As our capital city is surrounded by lakes, you can even take a day off from Vilnius sightseeing and head to the beach. Find out more on our post on where to take a swim in Vilnius

WHAT DO I WEAR? Lithuanian summer days are usually warm (sometimes hot ;) ) and sunny enough, but the evenings and nights generally tend to get chillier. So, you can show off your stylish shorts, mini dresses and skirts during the day, but you would need to throw on something warmer once the sun sets, which, by the way, is late; in June the sun is up until 10 pm here! Be aware that here we’re discussing the average Vilnius weather in summer. Some days may get extremely hot (30°C) or unusually chilly (12°C) and rainy, so during your stay in Vilnius, you would probably get a lot of use out of both light clothes and sweaters, longer pants.

Summer evening in Vilnius

Average spring temperatures in Vilnius in more detail:

June: 11°C; 21°C
July: 13°C; 23°C (July is also the rainiest month, mostly due to summer storms)
August: 12°C; 22°C

Also, if you plan to visit Vilnius in summer, be sure to check our blog posts on what to do in Vilnius in July or what to do in Vilnius in August to find the best Vilnius events for these summer months.

Visiting Vilnius in Autumn

The beginning of autumn is another great time to visit Vilnius. Our city looks extremely picturesque when the colourful leaves contrast with the blue skies. Apart from that, the days don’t get too cold and there are still plenty of events in the city. You can check them out on our blog: find out our recommendations on what to do in Vilnius in September and what to do in Vilnius in October.

As for the weather, the difference between September (which in Lithuanian is rugsėjis and literally means sowing rye) and November (in Lithuanian lapkritis, which literally means the time of falling leaves) is huge. During the first half of autumn the weather is quite pleasant and that’s the period when we wait for the phenomenon called bobų vasara (meaning summer of old ladies) when the temperatures go up for a week or so. However, the end of October and the whole month of November are dark and very rainy. 

WHAT DO I WEAR? Again, waterproof shoes are strongly advised for this time of year. Apart from that, while you might do just fine wearing light (even summer-like) clothes at the start of September, you would definitely need a cosy sweater and a warm coat once autumn progresses. As for November, we’d recommend dressing up as you would in winter. Click here to jump to the section about winter.

Early autumn in Vilnius

Average autumn temperatures in Vilnius in more detail:

September: 8°C; 17°C
October: 4°C; 10°C
November: -1°C; 4°C

If the weather isn’t treating you the best during your stay in Vilnius in autumn, check out our blog post on what to do on a rainy day in Vilnius.

So, what's the best time to visit Vilnius?

We’d say either the month of May or September. The weather is lovely, there are lots of events in the city and all of the museums, stores and nightclubs are open. If, on the other hand, you’d like more warmth, come to Vilnius in July or August, just bare in mind that lots of locals go away on vacation, so the city empties. On the condition that you’d like to see snow in Vilnius, choose either January of February for your trip and hurry up until global warming hasn’t melted everything.

Out tour guides in front of town hall

Don’t forget that these are only our tips based on average temperatures, but we strongly recommend checking the weather before you visit Vilnius. At least one tip is clear: umbrellas will be your best friends during your stay in Vilnius, because, well, you just never know. And for now, read our latest post on how to visit Vilnius from your home while you get ready for your real stay in our wonderful city. And once you do come, book a tour and let’s meet up!